The Islamic Vainglory and Ecology, References

Islamic Vainglory and Ecology, Selected references:

Iranian websites have a habit of deleting their own articles from the website. Why? This is something for them to reply to. It could be anything from carelessness to censorship or self-censorship. We are sorry for the broken links.


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Chronicles from Iran
Waltzing with Ali Djoun Continues

For another 4 years, Ali Djoun Khamenei’s pawn is Hassan Rouhani. The voters participated in the charade and approved the theocratic dictatorship.

Iran Syria
Syria Atrocities, JCPOA and Iran

As Iranians we are to be reminded that we are with Bashar al-Assad’s Syria, thanks to the ayatollahs that we keep in power, a collective responsibility.

#IranProtests, جمهوری ایرانی
Republic of Iran

The heartwarming message for 2018 as chanted in Kermanshah, pursuing the IranProtests: Independence! Freedom! Republic of Iran!