The Islamic Vainglory and Ecology, References

Islamic Vainglory and Ecology, Selected references:

Iranian websites have a habit of deleting their own articles from the website. Why? This is something for them to reply to. It could be anything from carelessness to censorship or self-censorship. We are sorry for the broken links.


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Also, please read articles in French or Farsi sections. They are not the translated posts from English.

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Albertine Ahmadi

I was born and grew up in an Iranian province. I question whether the Iranian mentality grasps the basic principles of democracy.

A piece of information and warning:

The censored Iranian journalism has no respect for its own published articles. They are deleted from the websites and the link to the posts is then broken in our writings. We will not remedy the broken link. We keep them as symbols of censorship, propaganda and neglect.