The Islamic Vainglory and Ecology, References

Islamic Vainglory and Ecology, Selected references:

Iranian websites have a habit of deleting their own articles from the website. Why? This is something for them to reply to. It could be anything from carelessness to censorship or self-censorship. We are sorry for the broken links.


Further Reading:

Iranian pre- elections of 2017, rigged elections
Iranian Pre-election (2017)

One year ahead of the Iranian pre- elections of 2017 for a president, all signs are there for a new rigged election. Boycott is all it deserves.

Brainwashing in Iran Backfires

The “pious Islamic society” is reactionary, authoritarian, nationalistic. It traps the population and the despots alike, but brainwashing in Iran backfires.

The Second Phase of the Iranian revolution
The Second Phase

The Second Phase is the political blueprint of Khamenei for the future. Iranians have to await a regime overthrow for economic and political change. How?

Friday Prayer Theocracy
Friday Prayer and Grass-roots

Friday prayer is the political arm of the Velayat-e Faqih. By using them, the theocracy reaches out to its grass-roots, killing in bud #IranProtests.