Reject the diabolic Islamist Ayatollahs of Iran

Tag: Sexism

Fatalistic Apathy in Iran,
Political Islam

Fatalistic Apathy in Iran

In the realm of sham Political Islam, nothing is what it seems. Citizens are taken for idiots & face life with fatalistic apathy when screwed and lied to.

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Politics of Iran, manufacturer of poverty

Politics of Iran: Propaganda

In the politics of Iran, blessed by the Supreme Guide, all manners of deviant interconnections & pervert interferences are permitted, hiding gross failures.

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Championnat d’échecs, Nazi Paikidze-Barnes, Chess championship

Chess championship In Iran?

‘I will NOT wear a hijab’: the chess champion, Nazi Paikidze says.The hijab debates hides stoning, oppressing minorities, hostage taking and brainwashing.

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Football Hooligans

Football Hooligans in Iran

Our Football Hooligans and football can unite Iran. But World Cup 2014 was another occasion missed to protest firmly against backward ayatollahs.

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Iran Sex Football Tartuffes

Iran: Sex Football Tartuffe: The sexism of the ayatollahs is surrealist.The foundations of an Islamic society is shattered when a woman cheers in a stadium.

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