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Mehdi, presidential lunacies

Mehdi and Presidential Lunacies

Iran is run by a Mehdi and many Inshalahs. Supertitions and lunacies are part and parcel of political Islam. Good Luck with the tricksters as rulers.

Iranian pre- elections of 2017, rigged elections

Iranian Pre-election (2017)

One year ahead of the Iranian pre- elections of 2017 for a president, all signs are there for a new rigged election. Boycott is all it deserves.

Yes! Labeik, Khamenei, rigged elections 2016

Yes! Labeik to Khamenei

Yes! Labeik to Khamenei and the Elite! In the Islamic kingdom of the ayatollahs rigged elections are a habit. The elections of 2016 were no exception.

Dissecting Tyranny

Dissecting Tyranny in Iran

Dissecting Tyranny: But what does it matter who is “elected” to be president? Khamenei holds the true power over a polluted and congested Iran.

تباهی ولایت فقیه

Waltz with Ali Djoun: Rigged Elections

We will waltz with Ali Djoun in future.The phoney Hassan Rouhani is the rag doll of Ali Djoun, is. The charade of rigged elections approved the dictatorship.

Iranian elections for the Bad or the Worse, انتخابات تقلبی

Elections for the Bad or the Worse

Iran rigged elections for the Bad or the Worse. When it’s a question of choosing between bad and worse, what should one do? Refrain from voting.

Rigged Elections 2013, Hassan Rouhani

Presidential Elections 2013: Pathetic

Presidential Elections 2013 are grotesque. If voters keep away from polling stations, the dictatorship of Velayat-e Faqih loses its basis and authority.

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