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The Lost Legitimacy of Velayat-e Faqih

The legitimacy of the theocracy is lost, but the #IranProtests have yet to engage in building a unified nation devising a new legitimate authority.

Friday Prayer Theocracy
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Friday Prayer and Grass-roots

Friday prayer is the political arm of the Velayat-e Faqih. By using them, the theocracy reaches out to its grass-roots, killing in bud #IranProtests.

Bicephalous Octopus : The IRGC (Pasdaran) and the Theocrcy (Velayat-e Faqih) مستکبر اعظم و قدرت و سیاست
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Bicephalous Octopus vs IranProtests

Bicephalous Octopus vs IranProtests: The IRGC (Pasdaran) and Theocracy (Velayat-e Faqih) ready to suck out the lifeblood of Iran with their tentacles.

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Islamic Circus and Human Tragedies

Islamic Circus: the trite and indecent anniversary of the Islamic Revolution. Human Tragedies: forced suicide of protesters and scientist in the prison.

Anti_Protests in Iran


IRAN PROTESTS: When it comes to social unrest, watch the wolves. The enemy of your enemy is NOT your friend. The lust for power sharpens the appetites.


The Enemies of Khamenei: Protesters

Enemies of Khamenei: Islamic Revolution was built on the idea that ordinary people could face the mighty and win. Now, Protesters are enemies of Khamenei.

Kermanshah Protests

Simorgh To Fly Again

Simorgh to Fly over Iran? The protesters are not the foreign spies as the regime tags them. The Theocracy has dug its own tomb with corruption, greed.

#IranProtests, جمهوری ایرانی

Republic of Iran

The heartwarming message for 2018 as chanted in Kermanshah, pursuing the IranProtests: Independence! Freedom! Republic of Iran!

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