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Eugenics: Iranian Style

Eugenics: Iranian Style

Iranian Eugenics: The theocracy has meticulously put a Goebbels’ counsel in practice: in propaganda by willing to sterilise the she-addicts/prostitutes.

Ashura, male-chauvinism,نرسالاری عاشورا

Show of Male-Chauvinism: Ashura

For Ashura, the ayatollahs put on a show to impress the world with their male-chauvinism ideology of political Islam.Its message,seek freedom, is lost.

اینترنت حلال ,Halal Internet

Yooz: The Internet Halal Search Engine

Internet Halal is the Iranian network and Yooz its search engine. It provides users with the best of the Theocracy’s propaganda, lies and alternate facts.

Media, Propaganda

Iran Media Propaganda

The forces of evil are hidden in the Iranian media and their disgraceful propaganda and censorship. A spiderweb of lies bewitching the readers.

Iranian journalist, media shame

Journalism and Media Shame in Iran

Media shame: Iranian is filled with propaganda. Left in the hands of a tyranny, the media slashes the society by abandoning the citizens to vile rumours.

Tehran Book Faire

Tehran Book Fair 2013: Boycott!

Tehran Book Fair 2013 Boycott it. Ayatollah’s guidelines are dictatorships’ metaphor for censorship and inquisitive practice. Boycott the Book Fair.

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