Reject the diabolic Islamist Ayatollahs of Iran

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Enslaved Iranians in 2023

A Salute to Slain Teachers

My Iranian teacher was a good man. The hangmen of the Islamic Revolution executed him as a criminal communist. A Salute to Slain Teachers.

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JCPOA: The Nuclear Lies
Political Islam

JCPOA The Nuclear Lies

JCPOA The Nuclear Lies: The clerics thought to be the ones with the upper hand to shred the JCPOA first. They are pissed off, D. Trump shredded it first.

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True Muslims
Political Islam

True Muslims, Bogus Muslims

USA/Europe/Middle-East: war and chaos and violence: We are all responsible. Islam the religion of peace? True Muslims run by Tyrants? Who is bogus Muslim?

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