A Fig Leaf: Iranianess


The diaspora is ambivalent towards the ruthless theocracy. The subterfuge is to deny reality by hiding behind a fig leaf, Iranianess, a diasporic creation.

Political Splits: The Abysmal Record

Political Splits

The abysmal record of the Diasporas reflects the political splits and poison the Iranian politics. The Political Relics feed distrust, apathy and feud.

Faery Exile: Iranian Diasporas

Iran's faery exile, iranian identity

In Iran, as elsewhere in the Middle-East, death is cheap. Surviving unharmed the rulers and living through a faery exile abroad is what matters most.

Economy of Resistance and Emigration

Economy of Resistance, migration

Economy of Resistance: the foundations of a healthy economy is impossible when the data are flawed, opaque, and camouflaged. Desperation leads to migration.

Martyrdom: The Faked Identity

Martyrdom: The Faked Identity

Martyrdom is the faked Identity to replace positive national identity. The illusion of protecting Iran with the martyrs’ spirit replaces social realities.