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Waste , rubbish, Pollution

Waste, Sewage Broth on Display

Waste, plastic and sewage broth end up in rivers, lacs, Caspian Sea, and Persian Gulf. Whose responsibly? Islamic sycophants in charge or the citizens?

Iran, Drought water shortage, tanker

Itinerant Water Supply and Drought

Khomeini promised to bring oil money to the Iranian homes. It did not happen. Today, with drought some can only afford to buy cans and wait water to come.


Building Dams, A Sacred Mission

Building dams in large numbers is a sacred mission and monumental Fiascos. They have impacted the environment beyond repair and created watershortage.

Environment time bomb.Kermanshah, Gharehsou River 2017, dried and filled from bed to banks with filth

Environment A Time Bomb

Environmental pollution is a time bomb.The theocracy is made of arskissing sycophants. Kermanshah and other provinces are victims to the military spending.

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