Reject the diabolic Islamist Ayatollahs of Iran

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Islamocracy of Liars, Iran, Islamic Republic

Islamocracy of Liars

In the Islamocracy of Liars, Iran, we never question our family and cultural backgrounds in creating our social and political mayhem. We praise criminals.

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Khamenei, Bisharaf, mea culpa

Mea Culpa and Crocodile Tears

Bisharaf ruling, Mea Culpa, Crocodile tear: Targetting the leadership is not effective. The sycophants and reptiles need to be aimed too. When Vivas…?

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1 February 1979: Khomeini, a political refugee, returned to Iran. Since, thousands of Iranians have fled every year following the creation of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Making of the Diasporas

Since the creation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, 1979, Iranian diasporas are steadily growing. We have yet to measure the seriousness of this problem.

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Anti_Protests in Iran

Shame of The Media in Iran

Shame of Medias: as corporate body, they are dishonest and have no courage in Iran Protests. They do not have a sense of duty to the readers and community.

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#IranProtests, جمهوری ایرانی

Republic of Iran

The heartwarming message for 2018 as chanted in Kermanshah, pursuing the IranProtests: Independence! Freedom! Republic of Iran!

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Iran, slave to religion
Political Islam

Hard-Hearted Political Islam

After decades, one may expect Iranians are aware of tyrant’s spiderweb and avoid hard-hearted Political Islam. But Dual-nationals prefer to look away.

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Iran, Spider_Flag, 2019

Iranians Prisoners to Religion

We would not stay prisoners to religion if we accepted that everyone has the right to choose freely one’s religion or philosophical convictions in peace.

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