IRIB, The Wolf and the Cormorant

the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB)

IRIB Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting censors the images that go against the Islamic tastes and ideology. A She-Wolf logo brings lust and depravation.

Visitors and Tourists: Shut Up!

Larijani Sadegh Iran

Visitors and Tourists are not immune censorship and the wrath of the ayatollahs like Sadegh Larijani. Visiting in Iran wearing a muzzle?

Journalism and Media Shame in Iran

Iranian journalist, media shame

Media shame: Iranian is filled with propaganda. Left in the hands of a tyranny, the media slashes the society by abandoning the citizens to vile rumours.

Tehran Book Fair 2013: Boycott!

Tehran Book Faire

Tehran Book Fair 2013 Boycott it. Ayatollah’s guidelines are dictatorships’ metaphor for censorship and inquisitive practice. Boycott the Book Fair.