Sexual Harassment: Hijab in Iran

Sexual Harassment, Hijab, آزار و اذیت جنسی

Hijab worsens sexual harassment. The Hijab’s masquerade means a misogynistic fantasy to control women. The bitches must abide by the phallocrats.

Yooz: The Internet Halal Search Engine

اینترنت حلال ,Halal Internet

Internet Halal is the Iranian network and Yooz its search engine. It provides users with the best of the Theocracy’s propaganda, lies and alternate facts.

Iran Sex Bitch: Sexism

Proxenete, Sexism, Iran Sex Bitch

Iran Sex Bitch: He-internet users are more interested in pornographic materials and sexism. The most keyword Googled:sex/سکس. Democracy? No kidding!