Ashura and The Iranian Necrolatry

Iran, phalocracy, Ashura,Velayat-e Faqih

Ashura and necrolatry are among the pillars of Shiite Islam, and have no limits in male-chauvinism. Our domestic figures, follow the same path, narrower.

Brainwashing in Iran From cradle

Iran, brainwash

Brainwashing in Iran from cradle to grave; babies, toddlers, pupils have to play their part the national spectacles directed by the ayatollahs.

Show of Male-Chauvinism: Ashura

Ashura, male-chauvinism,نرسالاری عاشورا

For Ashura, the ayatollahs put on a show to impress the world with their male-chauvinism ideology of political Islam.Its message,seek freedom, is lost.