Iran: From War to Civil War

From War to Civil War

Two blatant liars, D. Trump and A. Khamenei, are pushing towards a war. Trump looks for the obliteration of Iran. Khamenei seeks the destruction of the USA.

The Second Phase

The Second Phase of the Iranian revolution

The Second Phase is the political blueprint of Khamenei for the future. Iranians have to await a regime overthrow for economic and political change. How?

Waltzing with Ali Djoun Continues

Chronicles from Iran

For another 4 years, Ali Djoun Khamenei’s pawn is Hassan Rouhani. The voters participated in the charade and approved the theocratic dictatorship.

Iran’s Witches: Dual Nationals

Dual-National Maccarthysme Sorcier

The theocracy thrives on imaginary or real enemies. Today, the Iran’s Witches, Dual Nationals are to be hurled into a burning pyre.

Yes! Labeik to Khamenei

Yes! Labeik, Khamenei, rigged elections 2016

Yes! Labeik to Khamenei and the Elite! In the Islamic kingdom of the ayatollahs rigged elections are a habit. The elections of 2016 were no exception.