Iran Celebrating Fadjr 2014

Iran Celebrating Fadjr 2014

Iran Celebrating Fadjr 2014, the Islamic Revolution and the Necrolatry: In Iran, the elder generation has shut up. It has failed its children.

On February 11th  2014, the ayatollahs of Iran will be savouring 35 years of the Islamic Revolution’s triumph. For the Iranian people, there is no feeling of accomplishment. Toll deaths from pollution is staggering. Executions are soaring. Stoning is legal.

The younger generation has little fighting spirits and has yet to discover the means of struggling for their dreams for betterment.

The elder generation has shut up. It has failed its children.

All try to swim in a sea of lies, rumours and misinformation. All are eager to know the rates for gold, dollars and Euros. Housing prices soar, wages are unpaid or plummeting. To buy allegiance, free food baskets are distributed among population by the government amid chaos, corruption and religious slogans. Many take refuge to the realm of conspiracy theories, others daydream about past Shahs. Cyberspace is a must for those looking for sexual fantasy. Citizens have failed to organise credible opposition movements. Political arguments among the Iranians are avoided or barren.

Iran Celebrates Fadjr 2014

Of course, to boast, we have an infallible Supreme Guide, some well-known atomic facilities, numerous callous rascals to run the country and too many slogans to chant “Death to …”. For a change, Rouhani’s bouquets of gerberas have replaced Ahmadinejad’s gladioli. All this is very Islamic as the Leader wishes it to be.

Where do we go from here?

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Albertine Ahmadi

I was born and grew up in an Iranian province. I question whether the Iranian mentality grasps the basic principles of democracy.

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