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Soroush Emojis of the Woe

Soroush emojis and Internet halal every communication will be spied on by IRGC and bassijis, the emojis are the theocracy’s slogans veiled women.

Soroush Emojis of the Woe

The Iranian authorities have released their own messaging software: Soroush-app. It runs on the Internet Halal.

Soroush has two sets of servers: one for transmitting the messages, and another one mirroring the very same messages for the Intelligence services to spy on users’ privacy.

As it was the case in the old times when one used the old-fashion fix-land lines in Iran, using Soroush, every communication will be a threesome liaison: you, your sweetheart and a grubby bearded bassiji from the IRGC to evaluate your proficiency in organising a pleasure party…. or discussing music and politics.

Soroush in Farsi means Angel Gabriel, a call of joyful melody. To lure the naive and conform to its name, Soroush has created some emojis of its own: the theocracy’s slogans represented by veiled women.

The emojis stirred the global medias on one point: calls for “Death to …” including Death to the USA. As if this old chestnut of a story was a revelation.

We organised some and translated them from Farsi. The emojis are original. Read from left-to-right, it tells another story from what was intended.

By the way, why the emojis are women? The low IQ of the Iranian theocratic followers is beyond commanding a rational behaviour.

However, we could grasp what the Grand Ayatollah of Mashhad had to say about the recent events of hijab and social demands: [The enemies of Islam] have targeted the virtue of our girls and the zeal of our boys.

Ahmad Alamolhoda, احمد علم‌الهدی, is the representative of the Leader in Mashhad. He hates music, concerts and football matches. With friends like him and his master, no one needs enemies.

When it comes down to crazy emojis or wiping the bottom of babies, women are good enough. When it comes down to the younger generation, they want them to be religious hypocrites and bootlickers. For the ayatollahs, the sweetness of achieving something out of the #IranProtests is the most horrifying nightmare.

We said Iran was a male chauvinistic gerontocracy. Do we need to say more?

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