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Arba’een of Misery: the 1979-2019 Anniversary

The Arba'een of Misery,1979-2019. Present and future bootlickers of the Leader. Thinning crowd but still marching and chanting, stifling the protests.

Arba’een of Misery: the 1979-2019 Anniversary

As the mullahs, ayatollahs and the sycophants in Iran are celebrating the forty years, the Arba’een of misery of the Islamic Revolution, a few graphs will best picture the outcome of the miseries that the Iranian population has gone through with its own complicity.
The Glorious Islamic Revolution is a conspiracy between dull-witted people, apathetic citizens and sharp sharks: the clerics.

Today, millions of young people kill the time in the hope of better days. They long for freedom: earn their living, choosing their garments, listening to the music they like, chatting without the fear of being overheard and reported. However, they are used to be oppressed. A balloonful of fresh air comes from surfing the web as users of social media. Then, they can live their hollow dreams in cyberspace without any ambition to achieve a collective objective in real life.

The years come and go and nothing changes. Only, the Iranian Supreme Guide, the Leader, the Führer and its minions are getting older and shamelessly bolder. After all, there is no one to stand up to the Gerontocracy.
As the young people kill the time, the mature clerics are in the wait to replace their elders, and erect another leader, Rahbar Moazem Enghelab . They are greedier and more power thirstier than the previous generation, and devilishly active.

Since 1979, year in year out, I have heard: Inshallah things will change for the better.
Many Iranians wish to see an exterior entity bringing the changes they want, but have no wish to achieve them themselves.

Changes to the trends of these graphs is in our hands, if we wanted them.
Else, in the next decade, we still be sitting on the roadside, culturally, economically and socially poorer than today, but still hoping for a better world.
And we still be listening to the chants of régime’s valets in the streets: “Death to…” and will hear the same lies about the Glories of the Islamic Revolution.

The Islamic Justice in Iran

The Iranian justice is based on the Sharia. Since 1979, the tyrants of the Islamic Revolution have introduced and pursued the Sharia in the dictatorship of Velayat-e Faqih. The people’s response has been denial and obedience in silence. The people follow the Political Islam in Sharia. Today, 11 February 2019, is the day of the Arba’een of misery.

Arba'een of Misery,1979-2019
Stoning, Eye-for-an-eye, Lex Talionis is our chief Justice. Executions are soaring in numbers and still counting: Iran: Secret Executions at Rajai Shahr Prison

Lavish Spending

Exporting the Iranian Revolution to the Middle-East is the Velayat-e Faqih’s dream. The regime has spent lavishly on its allies in the region, hardly for peaceful purposes. And if “my money” is not enough, “my nuclear power” may be convincing. Enrolling mercenaries follows the Political Islam unable to make friends, they buy yes-men.

The Syrian slaughterhouse is our Shame.

Propaganda and Censorship

رهنمود یا سانسور Propaganda and Censorship
Iran is one of the most oppressive countries. The Iranian media has to go a long way before being credible.

The Iranian media are caught between the hammer and the anvil. The Islamic Propaganda is everywhere: in books, films, children’s tales. The public censorship has led the self-censorship to thrive even in private conversations. Propaganda and censorship follow the Political Islam enslavement of thoughts.

The human Rights

Human rights
The Horror Gallery of The Judiciary bears witness to it.

The disrespect of the Iranian political institutions for the human rights is centuries old. The Islamic Republic’s file is worse than the Shah’s régime. Women, ethnic minorities and religions pay the price of the majority’s obedience to the Velayat-e Faqih. The human rights follow the Political Islam doctrine.

Economy: the catastrophic reality of the Arba’een of Misery

The Iranian economy is based on the Velayat-Faqih practices, that is, corruption, baksheesh and subventions when necessary. High inflation and unemployment combined with low income has made the strategies of “muddling through” acceptable to the majority. The economy follows the Political Islam greed, a kakistocracy.

Ecomomy in Iran

A bicephalous Octopus sucks out the lifeblood of Iran with its tentacles.

Iranian Manners in Debates

The Iranians are, among themselves, uncompromising. Domestic despotism is commonplace within families. Faced with superior brute force, blind obedience prevails. Joining forces for common actions and interests are yet to be understood. The ugliness and the violence in debates follow the beast of the Political Islam practices.

Debating in Iran

The weakest link of all Iranians is the diaspora. Democracy and freedom, before being adopted into institutions, are rooted in mentalities. It is an inner force that rejects despotism at all levels, domestic and political. It is a state of mind that praises freewill and compromise. It does not put up with bygone traditions to feel safe.
Democracy comes when the majority want it wholeheartedly and act to obtain it.
Democracy is build when empathy and solidarity replaces apathy, sectarian egoism and religious dogmatism.
A democratic Iran has yet to be conceived and nurtured.

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