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Charlatanism, The Great Iranian Islamic Art

Covid-19, Fake Hospital
A Fake Hospital: The Islamic Republic of Iran symbolism fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.
Iran symbolism in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic with a remote virus detector, Mustaan / مستعان: an Aladdin-lamp, a genius invention of Bassiji Science.

Charlatanism, The Great Iranian Islamic Art

A Public Blast

The Islamic Republic of Iran symbolism fighting the Covid-19 pandemic (see the picture above):

The executioner, Head of Judiciary, Ebrahim Raisi, crowned with the turban of religious hypocrisy claims: The IRGC is the refuge for the people in all areas.

Along with Major General Salami, commander-in-chief of the IRGC, Sardar Pakpour, commander of the IRGC’s ground forces, he attended the national exercise on biological defence and clearing operations. The propaganda site was a mobile hospital, named after Martyr Ayatollah Sadoughi (his bio would shed some light on how the Islamic republic works).

Mark the symbolism: there is no patient to be seen (it would spoil the scenery) in a desolated area, garnished with a inflatable plastic Triumph Arch, a few flags hoisted with umbrella bases made of plastic water containers, and red-carpet [azur here] rolled for VIPs. The site is named after a martyr killed with a hand grenade in a suicide attack.

Are the fake hospitals, in a surrealistic funfair decor, trivialised by the apathetic subjects and praised by the bigoted morons, the symbol of the Iranian theocratic-militaristic despotism achievements?

How come we, a proud nation, have let these Fake Healers with plastic ornaments ruin our country, in four decades?

How come we have let these heartless thieves, fake protectors of our hearths, ransack our homes?

Is there a droplet of collective responsibility in our convictions as Iranian citizens? Or are we satisfied with our carefree onlooker’s statue forever?

Superstition and Charlatanism

The Great Iranian Islamic Art

When it comes to the news from the Islamic Republic of Iran, every day the political environment is always full of surprises but is seldom surprising.

In more than forty years, no news has been an eye-opener and effective to get rid of the liars, hypocrites at best, and con men at worst, that are our leaders.

We are bored to death of repeatedly writing about these folks.

There are days that one should stay in bed, hidden under the duvet, and disconnected from all Iranian news.

One such day was 11 February 1979, the start of Velayat-e Faqih and the never ending Islamic Revolution. Unfortunately, Velayat-e Faqih was real. In the ensuing four decades, its disastrously negative effects on the population’s lives cannot be denied.

An early-morning harrowing wake-up call was on 8 January 2020; Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752, “mistakenly” downed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), killing 176 passengers. It was followed by a never ending saga, à l’Iranienne, largely commented on and deplored by the Iranians but not enough for them to make a move in changing things, and today almost forgotten.

The last none-surprising piece of news was heard yesterday. On 16 April, as more than half the world’s population is fighting the disaster of Covid-19 and its global economic and freedom killing consequences, which are greater than anything experienced in human memory, the grotesque Iranian clowns were at work with their hollow message.

The Alladin-Lamp

Mustaan / مستعان

The IRGC has launched a device called Mustaan / مستعان that is supposed to detect any virus from a distance of 100 metres. The coronavirus detector will save humanity, they claim. But, it is made of a pan lid, an electrical wire, a few indicator lights and nobs on a water-gun (see below).

The IRGC is not an operetta army which doesn’t matter a jot. It is the largest economic holding in Iran, backs the Leader with violence and killings, has done its best to reach the atomic bomb, producing episodes of war with great human cost in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, sends its henchmen abroad to kill opponents, and chucks out of the country all but the sycophants.

The Iranian media, including IRIB (broadcasting corporation), did their best in promoting the device, the product of Iranian creativity and courage. General Ramazan Sharif, IRGC spokesman, added: We thank God Almighty that in spite of the oppressive sanctions and the spread of the hostile and vindictive viruses of the United States and its allies, the children of the Iranian nation, with the help of God’s blessings and graciousness, are using their will and determination to develop their talents and creativity every day. The latest development, especially in the field of science and technology, has brought more honour and dignity for Iranians. All this, despite the astonishment and anger of the domestic and foreign enemies and ill-wishers.

mustaan Charlatanism
General Ramazan Sharif, IRGC spokesman, promoting Mustaan /مستعان , the alladin-lamp.

Iran is run by one gruesome and preposterous theocracy. By the men of the Iranian regime the most sensational pseudo-scientific theories are produced: either women of little virtue, wearing European-style dresses with bad-Hijab, are causing the rivers to dry, or Eyjafjallajökull is erupting since the naked bosoms of European women are seen in public. And of course there is the knotty matter of women’s lust and sperm on men as discovered by an ayatollah in Qom

The French have a saying: “La goutte d’eau qui fait déborder le vase” / “The drop of water that overflows the vase”. In short, the last straw.

But, the Iranian vase is bottomless and will not overflow; the straw bale lasts even after one’s death. Possibly, this is what the phenomenon that the Iranian diasporas call Iranianess.

The Mustaan / #مستعان, the virus detector, an IRGC tawdry joke, is trending on social media, as is violet oil/ #روغن_بنفشه , the local snake oil to cure Covid-19. In a couple of days, the Islamic detector will be binned. But, the Velayat-e Faqih will stay, and the IRGC will have more power, and the desperate Iranians will be getting bad religious, social and medical advice from the geriatric bunch of morons called ayatollahs.

In Iran, where superciliousness is not cracked down on, worse, encouraged, arrogance will not die any sooner.

Pity the Nation!

The claptrap of Mustaan

– in Iran

Before being unveiled, Mustaan / مستعان was tested in 10 hospitals. The accuracy of the device in detecting corona is between 70 and 80%.

General Sharif: The production process and technical capabilities of the Mustaan / مستعان system will be explained soon.

Corona’s intelligent instantaneous detection system for which the name “Mustaan / مستعان” has been chosen based on the Holy Quran…

“Mustaan / مستعان” is the product of the jihadist efforts of the experts and knowledge-based capacities of the Basij scientific community. It has been produced with the support of the IRGC. It is an Iranian and indigenous achievement.

Most of the reactions to our achievements, deliberately designed by foreign media and networks [read: our enemies], are due to their feeling of weakness, inferiority and nihilist view of the Iranian authority and resolve.

Mustaan Baasiji
Mustaan / مستعان, the show case of the Bassiji’s genius and creativity.

Get Real

– as reported in the world

BBC: Mustaan / مستعان: What is the IRGC’s explanation in claiming the invention of the instant and remote virus detector?

DW: IRGC virus finder: Toy or the flourishing talent of genius Basijis?

The Economist: “DRENCH COTTON wool in violet oil before bedtime,” instructs Abbas Tabrizian, then “insert into your anus.” Not only will you smell flowery, you will ward off covid-19, says the Iranian ayatollah, who runs a popular online shop called the Islamic Medical Centre.

The Guardian: Iran’s Revolutionary Guards announced it had invented a device that can detect coronavirus at a distance of 100 metres, using a magnetic field and “bipolar virus”.

The Independent: Iran and US rivalry worsens as pandemic ravages both nations

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