True Muslims, Bogus Muslims

True Muslims

USA/Europe/Middle-East: war and chaos and violence: We are all responsible. Islam the religion of peace? True Muslims run by Tyrants? Who is bogus Muslim?

Update: Since nine-eleven 2001, we have lived through many violent and large manifestations held by Muslims in the West and in Muslim countries against Western values of freedom of speech (Mohamed cartoons, episodes of anti-war protests).

Today a Friday prayer, an ecumenical peace declaration, tweeting not-in-my-name, seems all that Muslims are timorously capable of conveying against ISIS/Daesh.
Islam would gain respectability, if we-Muslims, together with all our neighbours and friends, could hold eye-catching protests in cities and towns, … against barbarism.

Today, the victims in European suicide Jihadists suffer from the infighting in the divide Sunnis -Wahabi/Salfist/Muslim brotherhood- and the Shiite -Ahle-Beit/Hezbollah, backed by Iran. Europe, only an economic entity, is a political void. France talks too much and does nothing, Britain debates on Brexit over minor domestic details, just to name the two in UN’s security council. Both embrace the Middle-Easterns dictators, Saudi Arabia- the old friend, Ayatollahs – the new ally.

No one learns from past mistakes

True Islam, The True Muslim: fashionable labels used by those who lead a DJEHÂD against Islam or for Islam. An ignorant zealot is a copycat of any other stiff-necked type: Islamists, bigoted Christians and Jewish extremists talk and behave alike.

Last night, I watched satellite TV with friends. A family of Christian-Muslim in which each member has the religion he was born into. When they meet up, it is unclear who is follower of which faith. All have a normal family life with its good moments and its quarrels. We watched a debate on terrorism and Islam, nowadays an issue à la mode on the West’s TV channels.

One of the experts on the set, a Muslim from Saudi-Arabia, exonerated the bombers of insane cranks. For him the True Muslim seeks nothing but justice and peace. Consequently, an insane bomber Muslim cannot be a true Muslim. We discussed true Islam, the True Muslim. The very first question to ask was: how can one define a true Muslim? The reply seemed to be that all those who think and behave like the one who makes himself heard, are true Muslims and practice the true Islam. Then who are the bogus Muslims?

True Muslims?

The debate-true Islam-true Muslim is just a road show. It gives the ultimate excuse for the self-righteous Islamist to cut off dialogue. It suggests that any good action is always that of a true Muslim and any appalling deed is to be attributed to the impious: QED. It is distasteful to hold forth on the subject.
This line of reasoning, of sordid manipulation and unashamed bad faith, is essential to the mullahs, muftis and all other breeds of ayatollahs. They know on which side their bread is buttered. The experts on Islam, those dressed in three piece suits, without tie, nursing a stylish beard, and flaunting their pseudo-analysis, are only one of many extensions of fanatical and proselyte theologians.

Given the choice, I prefer a forthright mullah with a bushy beard and turban to a pernicious zealot.

Extracts: Chronicles from Iran, ebook, 2012

Gol-Mohammadi and Cartoons in Iran


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