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JCPOA The Nuclear Lies

JCPOA: The Nuclear Lies
The above picture shows the full extend of the symbolism in the Iranian politics and power (see below).
JCPOA The Nuclear Lies: The clerics thought to be the ones with the upper hand to shred the JCPOA first. They are pissed off, D. Trump shredded it first.

JCPOA The Nuclear Lies

  • The  Supreme Guide preaches from the highest above, with the slogan We stomp on America. He addresses the frenetic male only audience, hand-picked for the occasion.
  • Below him, the puppets in charge of the institutional powers, including the president.
  • June 4, 2018, Mausoleum of Khomeini, was a telling story of the modern Iran: during Khamenei’s speech, pictures were taken from the audience. We screened more than a hundred photos. Women appeared in less than a half-dozen, hidden behind pillars from his Highness.

The effects of American withdrawal from JCPOA make themselves feel on the Iranian establishment. There was never a B plan for the clerics for such a move from the US president. They thought themselves to be the ones that had the upper hand and could shred the JCPOA. Donald Trump did it and now they are pissed off.

June 4 ,5 , 6 of 2018 were declared holidays to commemorate the death of R. Khomeini (†1989) and the martyrdom of Imam Ali (†661). The necro-cratic men of the Islamic Republic of Iran could not miss the occasion to step up bragging over the Nuclear issues and how they would stomp on the USA.
Between 2012-2018, the clerics relied on V. Putin’s Russia. These days the Kremlin is preparing for the inevitable tussle with Tehran over Syria. The clerics may have to live through another round of vexation.

The slogan: انرژی اتمی حق مسلم ماست Atomic energy is our absolute right! has been hammered into the minds for years. However, we are still waiting for a cogent explanation of Iran’s pigheadedness in pursuing its atomic activities.
Nuclear? What for? Where does it take us? In the long run, would the ayatollahs megalomania push us on the road of a collective suicide, due to an internal collapse rather than an external factor?

A yellow-cake, couple of missiles, and enrichment of uranium up to a level of 190,000 SWU would not fill the empty stomach of the millions living below poverty lines. Either, it would not water or clean the dried and heavily polluted environment.

In 2012, we wrote about the crackpot president M. Ahmadinejad, the Iranian nuclear lies and and the yellow-cakes. We re-published it today without a line changed. Today, the propaganda has beefed up and the Iranians have to beg the clerics for basic rights.

The Nuclear Lies

Iran, from 1990’s to 20XX: Since 2006, the Iranian nuclear issue has bored many to death. Will Americans bombard the nuclear sites? Or will the Israeli be charged to do the dirty work? Perhaps yes, maybe no, all the options are open and on the table.

It is anyone’s guess. The western experts throttle up on TV and as if insufficient, publish books like there is no tomorrow. Everyone has his arguments to support his thesis and convince us of his vision of the world. My neighbour who reads cards does as much save she has not their jargon. The endless speculations strengthen our belief in when Fool speaks, Indolent believes. [ابله گفت و کاهل باور کرد]

Is the nuclear power for civilian or military ends? A hand on the Koran and the other on the heart, the ayatollahs swear it is to produce the necessary electricity for the country when Iran will be in need of oil. Awaiting that day, the Islamic Republic is testing some bizarre long-range missiles; it is certainly an innovative Islamic technology for the future system of distributing electricity in Iran.

The Iranian and European emissaries hug in front of cameras, give a common press conference, then each flies back home to state the contrary to what has been said before. What is more, Europeans, muddled as always, are bewildered by the monologues of ayatollahs in Tehran and those of the American administration. The Security Council of the UN meets seemingly each time with more difficulty than before to elaborate projects of resolutions that after being drained by the Russians and the Chinese have no substance.

I recall an IranAir flight from Europe to Tehran. In the waiting lounge, as if speaking on a platform [speaking ‘on a platform’ is one of the characteristics of Iranians. In return, only approval is expected] a grandpa did not stop repeating to other passengers: Of course Ahmadinejad is a good man! And atomic energy is our most sacred right. We have signed the NPT [see below] and we are very much within our rights. He replicated word for word the statements of the Islamic Republic with conviction.

On the flight, I was allowed to see pictures of his grand children growing up in Europe. Proudly, he commented: They are very good at school. They will go to University! One of the pictures, two pretty girls, without Islamic scarf, sat as celebrity would on a swing.

We got into Iranian air space and the grandpa gave me plenty of advice on survival in Tehran: Cover your hair carefully so you’re not pestered by the regime’s louts. In public, be pro-nuclear. Don’t do as my son-in-law does: he goes public on being anti-nuclear. In Europe it is all right. But I tell him to keep away from Iran. I know he is right. May God prevent these asses of ÂKHONDS [see below] from having the atom. It’s going to cost us an arm and a leg, the country is in ruin and these gentlemen’s minds are on nuclear power and the woman’s scarf.

A few weeks later, in a park in Tehran, I enjoyed a bit of fresh air with a couple of friends of mine. I was irritated by a UN declaration that reeked of American’s manipulation. My friends said: به تو چه? What this is to you? Eat your ice-cream and stop spoiling the evening!

Little by little, in company of my fellow citizens who would take the nuclear issue with an Olympian aloofness, I cooled down too. After all, the Iranian nuclear issue is debated in the West. From Iran, there is nothing to write home about. I was also taught to find amusing the ‘vox pop’ recorded by the western journalists and broadcast on satellite TV channels. Usually, the reporter, in an important street of Tehran, would ask a passer-by his opinion on nuclear power. The interviewee wisely and politely would approve the policy of the Islamic Republic, Nuclear power is our absolute right. He has no choice; if he said what he really thought, he would certainly get into hot water with the henchmen of the regime and a ten second shot in a news bulletin is not worth it.

One day my taxi driver was swearing on the tomb of Khomeiny that the progress of Iran in nuclear technology would attract loads of tourists to visit the processing sites. It was not the only stupidity I heard; regarding the cost of such undertaking, the popular estimates swing between five and five hundred millions of dollars. Just nonsense.

Although after the disaster in Japan in 2011, I am more than ever convinced of its absolute evil, nonetheless the access to nuclear power, civilian or military, remains an issue for a country. But, for Iran, economically and ecologically in ruin, it should not be a priority. Iranians are struggling to keep their children away from the brutalities of the guardians of the Islamic morality, from consuming hard drugs and from the traps of sexual perverts. They have to fight to keep a badly paid job, and end the month with fewer debts than they can manage. Nuclear power is not there to improve their daily life or to increase their purchasing power, it is even not an dissuasive weapon for the security of Iran. It is a life insurance for the perpetuity of the Islamic Republic of the ÂKHONDS.

Fârsi has got a beautiful proverb: God knows best his creatures, that is why he did not give horns to the ass. [خدا خر خودش را شناخت که بهش شاخ نداد. Else: set a beggar on horseback, and he’ll ride to the Devil.]

If one day, the Islamic Republic possesses the atomic bomb, that would be the same as giving a donkey a pair of horns; we would not know what it would do with them or what other fools would do to protect themselves.


Tehran, April 2006: Poor Ahmadinejad, despite his grand statements over the Iranian nuclear programme, stays a little man, a henchman to the opaque system of the Islamic Republic. In late April, on national TV, as always, he looked pathetic in his excessively large gear perched behind a high stand surrounded by massive flower arrangements. He announced in a flood of words that a very important phase of the Iranian nuclear programme had been achieved thanks to the Triumphal Blossoming [پیروزی شکوفا] of the Islamic Republic.

The populist propaganda of the worst locked-up communist regimes may well find it difficult to challenge the indoctrination instilled by the Islamic Republic. A few minutes after the declaration made by Ahmadinejad, popular rejoicing burst out ‘spontaneously’ with pennants and flags. Collective thanksgiving was organised for the brilliant Iranian scientists who had achieved enriching uranium. Their names and faces remained unknown. In those days, the Chernobyl disaster was twenty years old. The Islamic Republic meticulously avoided the issue.

On TV, we had countless advertorials of sheer propaganda in which the ridiculous amateurish style called for a finger signal. The school yards were favourite backgrounds as in any other dictatorship, in particular the communist ones. The screen plays did not vary from one school to the next: a teacher beat a gong or rang a bell and pupils arranged by class chanted: Atomic energy is our absolute right!انرژی اتمی حق مسلم ماست Then, a roar of applause burst out: Clap! Clap!

Other scenes of public jubilation were broadcast and commented upon by a voice-over waxing lyrical on Islam and Iranian Revolution. There was no proof, none whatsoever, that these scenes were shot that day; they were edited from tinned archive materials, a clutter of old footage. At length quite a few lamb throat-slittings, گوسفند قربانی, were shown. The innocent lambs were the very first prey of the ayatollahs’ atomic foolishness. Abraham, a prophet to the Jewish, Christians and Muslims must be asking himself questions on the lack of common sense of his lineage. In between two advertorials, a short sequence of Ahmadinejad’s statement was repeated in a loop: modern torture, brainwashing.

The evening’s news bulletin had a review of the foreign press: the Iranian journalists in Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Delhi, Islamabad, etc., using a pompous tone reported on the importance of Ahmadinejad’s declaration at international level; they hammered home the supposed headlines of papers in Europe and the United States. In summary, the whole world was allegedly focused on the Iranian atomic breakthrough. All the ingenuity of disinformation together with blatant lies was used once again: video/photomontage of old archives doctored, fixed, and faked. At the news time of the Iranian TV, I lingered on the fine points of time zone: the European press had not yet been put in bed, considering the hour. The Islamic Republic took eighty million Iranians for dummies and it has worked beautifully for forty years.

Luckily satellite TV was there for us to receive. A couple of hours later in the evening, the European news bulletin did eventually mention the nuclear issue in one or two sentences after all the other news and if they had time for it. No one was impressed by the prowess of the Islamic Republic in this technology. In fact, the news bulletins were engrossed in the campaign for the elections in Italy. That looked like a contest to elect the most depraved candidate. I gave it a thought: we, Iranians and Italians, are all of a kind: generous and bon vivant but perfectly dim-witted in politics. They make do with their democracy, we resign ourselves to our dictatorship; both of us are wallowing in clientelism and corruption on a gigantic scale.

*   *   *

The following morning, in Tehran, commenting the baking of a yellow-cake turned into a fierce but amusing competition. The recipe for a beautiful yellow-cake was simple enough: take a couple of megalomaniac ÂKHONDS reviving the nuclear projects of the Shah  devised in the 1970’s; add a handful of French political manoeuvres; sprinkle with some billions of dollars; whisk the ingredients with murders in the 1990’s; leave to rest in the fridge.
In the meantime, go out and shop on international market for items you’ll need later. There are thoughtful traders of many nationalities. As long as you have ready cash, all will be eager and compete to fill your basket.
Back home, add to your mixture from the fridge: two ounces of American baking powder (pictures and documents provided to the CIA by Israel and MEK[see below]), a pinch of European salt, and a pint of United Nations sludge. In Russian processors, blend to satisfaction. Bake at Islamic temperature.

Attention! Your yellow-cake will puff up with lies, falsehoods and foolish statements. It can blow off your mug any time.

No one knows if really, as the Islamic Republic pretends: Atomic energy is our absolute right! انرژی اتمی حق مسلم ماست

However, it is indisputably clear that: Freedom from the yoke of ÂKHONDS is our absolute right! آزادى از ستم آخوند حق مسلم ماست


ÂKHONDS: In the West we call them the ayatollahs, the mullahs. For us, Iranians, they are Holy Joes, ÂKHONDS, and it is derogatory. The pillars of the Islamic Republic are, in order of importance: the Line of the EMÂM Khomeiny, خط امام, the Sharia, the Koran.

MEK:  MODJÂHEDIN-E KHALQ, a sectarian movement of a dodgy Marxist-Islamist ideology which claims to be the speaker for Iranian opposition in the West. They matter for some petty European and American politicians.

JCPOA: The Nuclear Lies
The perfect family father to fit the ideology of the Velayat-e Faqih. The Supreme Guide’s body would spasm with joyous rapture at the mere thought of it.
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