Reject the diabolic Islamist Ayatollahs of Iran

Hail The Executioner, To Hell with Justice

Iranian Presidential Elections
Ebrahim Raisi voter in the rigged presidential elections. The slogan reads: To Hell if you don't accept.
The rigged Iranian Presidential Elections was a scenario accomplished to the satisfaction of feudal despots. Voters were the accomplices of Ebrahim Raisi.

Hail The Executioner, To Hell with Justice

The rigged Iranian Presidential Elections 1400 was a scenario accomplished to the full satisfaction of Tehran’s feudal despots.

The Islamic democracy of Iran process as written by the most die-hard clerics was the fanatical understanding of the country’s governance: I tell you for whom you must vote.

And to hell with anyone who would disagree with the religious autocracy’s choices.

A bunch of phallocentric despots, called Seyeds, Ayatollahs and Hojatoleslams, carefully choose among themselves an executioner, Ebrahim Raisi, to be the next head of State and a tangible replacement as the next Supreme Guide, when the present one, Ali Khamenei, passes away.

To the mob that is expected to turn up as electors to approve their choice, Raisi is a good man. He is energetic, full of resources, very pious and will undoubtedly strengthen the moribund economy to be the tiger in the world.

And to hell with anyone who would disagree with the forced-on candidate.

On Friday, 18th June 2021, the big show was on: the electors, extras and figurants on the Iranian scene voted in front of the cameras in thin lines.

Calls to boycott the Islamic rigged elections were made and were heard. However, for the complacent and pious Iranians, those who would slay their children to the Glory of the Supreme Leader, the callers were enemies of Islam and traitors to the Iranian values.

And to hell with these evil-minded people who refuse enslavement to the blind religiosity.

No one could be bothered with an election run-off, so the Executioner, Ebrahim Raisi, was declared victor with 66% of the votes. The participation was announced to be near 49%.

And to hell with those who would not believe in any of these numbers uttered by the professional sycophants, the reptiles who protect the regime.

Hassan Rouhani’s two term elections were circuses of rigged elections, but some appearance of democratic process was kept for the benefit of international observers. The soon-to-be ex-president, and Khamenei’s puppet till August, will undoubtedly be later barred from politics. Like a rabid dog, he would be chased away from town with stones. The fate of the ex-Iranian presidents bears witness to this, except for Khamenei, who became the Supreme Leader himself.

In these rigged elections, things are different; the weakened Supreme Leader will dance to the tune played by his chosen one, Ebrahim Raisi, and the gang advising him from Astan Ghods Razavi.

And to hell with keeping up appearances in a country bedevilled by the deceit and fraud.

The mob cherishing the Leader says: Let’s be proud of having an Executioner as “elected” president. Let’s be proud of having a pious Shiite liar as the head of State. Let’s be proud of having a Mafioso rigger as the next dictator. After all, we are Iranians, and are proud of our no-achievements in recent decades.

And to hell with those who distressingly feel the burden and the shame of those failures.

In 1979, we threw out of the window a dictator and its corrupt clique, accepting another one which promised the moon and delivered nothingness. We spent forty years adjusting to the new diktats, the effects of which have been worse than anything the previous dictator had imposed.

The sanctimonious preachings about the superiority of Islamic diktat infect our culture. They are wrapped in some phoney saying of Mohamed or an Imam, in Arabic, and must be blindly followed.

And to hell with the sceptics, agnostics and anyone who questions the Islamic Order and the ruthless politics of Iranian rulers.

Gross violation of basic human rights? Unfounded accusations and imprisonment of innocents? Hanging adults and the underaged in large numbers? Enforcing lex Talionis, an eye for an eye? Lies and unfounded promises at all levels? Corruption, spoliations in the name of Allah? Openly assassinating decent citizens? Rape and torture?

rigged Iranian Presidential Elections
The voters were the accomplices of Ebrahim Raisi, the Executioner.

All of these are widespread in the Islamic Republic of Iran, openly approved by the clerics and carried out by worthless lickspittles and the timid time-servers. A system which has thrived thanks to active contributions of liquidators and executioners like Ebrahim Raisi.

And to hell with the weepy wimps, softy human-right activists, that their words carry no weight with the sectarian mob enslaved to theocracy ideology.

For decades, women have been second class citizens, good enough to serve their phallocentric masters and be overwhelmed by their nonsensical interdicts.

And to hell with women’s demands, let the men in religious robes enjoy their misogynist power and boost it; else, these creatures of superior minds may well feel castrated.

The growing number of the poor and the disasters of the economic situation are the Glories of the Islamic Republic, if we were to believe the propaganda. In essence, the Islamic Order needs the desperate and needy to assert its power. A strong-minded population who thinks for itself and is in search of wellbeing for all can only be perverse and Takfiri.

And to hell with anyone who would disagree with the religious mediocrity.

Hail Freedom from the Islamic Order

Whatever happens in the bleak near future, we will stick to our narratives. We will tell the world that more than two thousand years ago we were a great empire, that Ferdowsi produced Shah-nameh about one thousand years ago, and we have softened the barbaric manners of Arabs and Mongols by teaching them sophisticated thoughts and delicate Persian manners.

Pity the nation that has nothing noble to unveil itself with, except the glories of its ancestries buried in the sands of the past thousands of years.

Today, as a nation, we are unable to get rid of a bunch of Islamic bloodsuckers, born and grown in our bosoms. We worship liars and hangmen. We give them the cord that will hang us.

Further, we have been trained to insult the citizens who reject religious hypocrisy or have different views by proudly sending them to hell. This is the sad state of affairs and the Islamic Republic’s doomed legacy.

Those who opted for the Pious Executioner, Ebrahim Raisi, or even took part in the rigged elections’ circus, whatever their excuse, continue to pave the way to hell for their fellow citizens. No decent Iranian should have voted for unscrupulous Ebrahim Raisi with a wicked curriculum vitae and doctrinaire referees.

Those who voted are his accomplices and have no pity for their oppressed fellow citizens. Are they aware that they are themselves instruments of the collective violence? Or, perhaps, they are aware, but do not care… an even greater sin.

Hail Freedom from the Islamic Order, Political Islam and any dictatorship in the form of a Supreme Guide, Valiy-e Faqih. Life may not be an easy ride without them, but at least we can change things for betterment.

And to hell hypocrisy, intolerance, self-righteousness and gutter chauvinism.

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