Our beliefs in Democracy and Freedom

Chronicles from Iran, Carnets d'Iran, نامه های ایران

We believe that the outdated theocracy of Velayat-e Faqih, the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a tyrannical and destructive regime. Unless it is replaced, we will live under its yoke.
Only a common consensus is the catalyst needed for the revolt of the people to unite and throw off the harness of theocratic oppression.

Our beliefs in Democracy and Freedom
Teaching our kids to hold banners to the glory of the leader and the promise of scarifying their innocent lives to him are acts of irresponsible citizens.

As Iranians, we have lived for generation after generation under the tyranny of a dictatorship and we have ourselves nurtured an irresponsible mentality.

To mark our might, we have to acknowledge our errors and defects in social and political matters.
Setting ourselves up as perpetual victims or, worse, behaving as martyrs, is too easy and cowardly. It is is form of brainwashing.

Living to love one’s country and value the people in diversity is difficult and courageous, and therefore worthy of respect.

We, Albertine Ahmadi and a team of correspondents, have political spirit; we are not apolitical.

We claim that Democracy and Freedom of expression are excluded from Political Islam and the Republic Islamic of Iran. The nature of the regime does not permit radical changes.

We believe in

  • democracy and freedom from Shiite’s Theocracy and Tyranny.
  • that the theocracy of Velayat-e Faqih, the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a tyrannical and destructive regime.
  •  that each of us is responsible for themselves, society and the State.
  •  that a secular democracy, in which the State and religion are separated, is a clear basis from which to erect the Iranian State. No religious practice shall dominate the administration of the State.
  • that the power of a nation and its people is measured by the well-being of each and every citizen, including the weakest. In Iran, every male and female shall be equal before the law. No one shall be discriminated against in relation to sex, origin, race, language, social status, way of life or religious, philosophical or political beliefs. No one is above the law.
  •  that the people of Iran want to live together with mutual respect in diversity. The population shall be aware of their common goals and responsibilities towards future generations.
  •  everyone shall have the right to form and express their opinions at liberty. All citizens shall be free to form associations or hold public meetings, unarmed and in peace.
  •  the institutions forming the State must be accepted by the majority of the Iranian population. The law, passed directly by the citizens or indirectly through their elected representatives, governs the lives of all citizens.