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Iran: Sex in the Mullah-Land

Preposterous Iran: people are obsessed with sex and the dogmas. Blinded, when reporting from Germany, they even mix them with the environment.

Iran: Sex in the Mullah-Land

The Iranian Media: in their dreams, the blind people see themselves as sighted. (Persian idiom)

The German minister is a woman, but Iran did not know that …
The Iranian minister is a hostage taker, but Germany did not know that …

In Iran, people are so obsessed with sex and the Islamic dogmas that they are blinded by both and common sense has left them altogether.

Last week, the Iran’s minister of environment, Massoumeh Ebtekar went to Berlin to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with her counterpart, Barbara Anne Hendricks. Ms Hendricks has a short haircut and wore a business suit. At the end of the ceremony, when exchanging the memos, the two women had a firm handshake.

The Iranian Media’s nonsensical “News” reporting:

Media sex
Title: Massoumeh Ebtekar shakes hands with an unclean man.

  1. Man who is shaking hands with, is the environment minister of Vietnam.
  2. Ebtekar, in a bizarre and regrettable impulse shakes hand with a man.T
  3. This scandal is certainly an abomination.
  4. Shaking hands with a unclean man is the political legacy of Khatami. (Mohammad Khatami: President 1997-2005)

In Iran, where preserving the “dignity of women” is more important than preserving their life and their rights, and where men need to be more than virile, – albeit, sometimes a kitten is more courageous than them -, blood began to boil: “What! A she-Muslim and she-Iranian touching the hand of a man, unclean/Namahram?”

Barbara Hendricks was believed to be a man, and on the spot, in Tehran, the head of Ebtekar and her resignation was asked for.

Finally, a one-eyed could see Barbara Hendricks as she was: a woman. The matter deflated in the Iranian media, grudgingly and with a great deal of ill faith.

Meanwhile, in Berlin, people started to wonder why Merkel’s government had received Massoumeh Ebtekar who was a member of the Islamic group responsible for the hostage-taking at the US embassy in 1979 ….

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