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Resist the Iranian Islamic absolutism and lies

Scraping the dictatorship needs citizens able to envisage the country’s future collectively.
In this, the close-minded Iranians oppositions clans are total failures.

Abysmal Political Splits

Political Splits: The Abysmal Record

The abysmal record of the Diasporas reflects the political splits and poison the Iranian politics. The Political Relics feed distrust, apathy and feud.

Iran's faery exile, iranian identity

Faery Exile: Iranian Diasporas

In Iran, as elsewhere in the Middle-East, death is cheap. Surviving unharmed the rulers and living through a faery exile abroad is what matters most.

Khamenei, Bisharaf, mea culpa

Mea Culpa and Crocodile Tears

Bisharaf ruling, Mea Culpa, Crocodile tear: Targetting the leadership is not effective. The sycophants and reptiles need to be aimed too. When Vivas…?

Bisharaf Ruling

Bisharaf Ruling: The Scoundrels’ Norm

Killing Soleimani reinforced the cult of martyrdom. By attacking PS752 – UIA, the Iranian bisharaf ruling showed the reptiles who protect the Leader.