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Resist the Iranian Islamic absolutism and lies

Scraping the dictatorship needs citizens able to envisage the country’s future collectively.
In this, the close-minded Iranians oppositions clans are total failures.

Modern Nowruz in Iran

Modern Nowruz in Iran

Since the Islamic regime hates things outside its world of fanaticism, modern Nowruz in Iran is grim. Alas! We are dancing to the clerics sinister tune.

Enslaved Iranians in 2021

A Salute to Slain Teachers

My Iranian teacher was a good man. The hangmen of the Islamic Revolution executed him as a criminal communist. A Salute to Slain Teachers.

Ali-Reza Panahiyan shiite preacher
Political Islam

Ali-Reza Panahiyan: A Thug’s Profile

Ali-Reza Panahiyan is a Shiite preacher and part-time assassin. All dictators need thugs and ruffians to carry their message to the people they dominate.


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