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Resist the Iranian Islamic absolutism and lies

Scraping the dictatorship needs citizens able to envisage the country’s future collectively.
In this, the close-minded Iranians oppositions clans are total failures.

Enslaved Iranians in 2021

A Salute to Slain Teachers

My Iranian teacher was a good man. The hangmen of the Islamic Revolution executed him as a criminal communist. A Salute to Slain Teachers.

Ali-Reza Panahiyan shiite preacher
Political Islam

Ali-Reza Panahiyan: A Thug’s Profile

Ali-Reza Panahiyan is a Shiite preacher and part-time assassin. All dictators need thugs and ruffians to carry their message to the people they dominate.

Charlie Hebdo, Freedom, Khamenei

Charlie Hebdo: Tout Ça Pour Ça

Charlie Hebdo: when freedom of speech takes one to the gallows, the regime is cursed. Silent citizens are accomplices to the murders committed.