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Resist the Iranian Islamic absolutism and lies

Scraping the dictatorship needs citizens able to envisage the country’s future collectively.
In this, the close-minded Iranians oppositions clans are total failures.

The last Breath Saeed Nafisi

The Last Breath: Poverty and Misery

The Last Breath (1924) is a novel from Saeed Nafisi, Black Stars. It deserves a large public of readers attentive to today’s Iranian poverty and miseries.

Zayanderud, Isfahan, Rain Prayer

Zayanderud: Remains of a Civilization

Strolling by the riverside of Zayanderud was the epitome of a perfect day.It was sold cheap to the Glory of Islamic regime for the price of a babouche.

Fatalistic Apathy in Iran,
Political Islam

Fatalistic Apathy in Iran

In the realm of sham Political Islam, nothing is what it seems. Citizens are taken for idiots & face life with fatalistic apathy when screwed and lied to.