Can we get away from the Political Islam?

In Iran, we must struggle for democracy and freedom of expression. We must see the damages to the politics and society. Is there a vision for replacing the present conservative tyranny of Velayat-e Faqih and theocracy? Denouncing tyranny is not enough. It is only a starter.

Iranian Justice

Iranian Justice
Iranian Justice

The Iranian justice is based on the Sharia. Since 1979, the tyrants of the Islamic Revolution have introduced and pursued the Sharia in the dictatorship of Velayat-e Faqih. The people’s response is denial and obedience in silence. It follows Political Islam dogmas.

Iranian Media


The Iranian media is caught between the hammer and the anvil. The Islamic Propaganda is everywhere: in books, films, children’s tales. The censorship has led to pervert self-censorship even in private conversations. It follows Political Islam dogmas.

Human Rights

Human Rights

The Iranian disrespect for the human rights is centuries old. The Islamic Republic’s file is worse than the Shah’s régime. Women, ethnic minorities and religions pay the price of the majority’s silence to the Valayat-e Faqih. It follows Political Islam dogmas.

Iranian Economy


The Iranian economy is based on the Velayat-Faqih dogma, corruption, baksheesh and subventions when necessary. High inflation and unemployment combined with low income has made the strategies of “muddling through” acceptable to the majority. It follows Political Islam dogmas.

People’s Conduct


The Iranians are, among themselves, uncompromising. Domestic despotism is commonplace within families. Faced with superior brute force, blind obedience prevails. Joining forces for common actions and interests are yet to be understood. It follows Political Islam dogmas.

Iranian’s Spending


Exporting the Iranian Revolution to the Middle-East is the Velayat-e Faqih’s dream.

The regime has spend lavishly on its allies in the region, hardly for peaceful purposes. And if “my money” is not enough, “my nuclear power” will be convincing. It follows Political Islam dogmas.

Democracy and freedom, before being adopted into institutions, are rooted in mentalities. It is an inner force that rejects despotism at all levels, domestic and political. It is a state of mind that praises freewill and compromise. It does not put up with bygone traditions to feel safe.
Democracy comes when the majority want it wholeheartedly and act to obtain it.
Democracy is build
when empathy and solidarity replaces apathy, sectarian egoism and religious dogmatism.
A democratic Iran has yet to be conceived and nurtured.
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