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Iranian Pre-election (2017)

Iranian pre- elections of 2017, rigged elections
One year ahead of the Iranian pre- elections of 2017 for a president, all signs are there for a new rigged election. Boycott is all it deserves.

From now on, Iran enters a new era of propaganda. One year ahead of the presidential elections of 2017, all signs are there for a new rigged presidential election: the Wikipedia pages for the Iranian “democrats in turban” or reformists favoured by the Vali-e faqih are being updated; new websites are created by the ayatollahs’ operatives, and the political commentators have started to speculate on the Hassan Rouhani’s chances being “re-elected” (rather: re-selected) for a second mandate. Even, – cynicism is appealing -, the ex-president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad re-enters the political arena.

His main rival is the executioner of 1988,  Ebrahim Raisi.

During the coming year, we would have liked to discuss the possibilities of a political replacement to the Velayat-e faqih and the potential forms it can take in lieu of reading and hearing claptraps, patters, and waffling.

Not even a remote chance for that, mate!

Today, we would not change what we said, not even a word. In Iran, things are the same for now, except for the corruption spreading fast by geometric progression.

What a nice performance was on June 14, 2013. Except that on that day those who voted supported overwhelmingly the Velayat-e faqih.
Since, in the West, the Iranian diaspora, pitiful in politics and anything democratic, has continued to keep as silent as the dead. The Iranian opposition? Straw from a ruined mud wall.

In 2017, would we assist to a remake of the presidential elections of 2013?

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Since 1979, the dual-national Iranian diaspora with blind nationalism has become the supporter of the theocratic gerontocracy, fortifying the dictatorship.

As you read, we continue to waste our time.

In the past decades:

  • We have devoted our lives to a corrupt Leader.
  • We have sacrificed our children’s future to the idols of political Islam, the ayatollahs.

Time ticks till Nowruz 1400 (2021) as  we enter the 15th century of our era.


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