The Weakest Link: Iranian Diaspora

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Since 1979, the dual-national Iranian diaspora with blind nationalism have become the supporters of the theocratic gerontocracy, fortifying the dictatorship.

The Weakest Link: Iranian Diaspora

During the last forty years, the Iranian diaspora have become the supporters of the Iranian theocracy and gerontocracy by being blind nationalists, transfixed by their sentimental and nostalgic portrait of an Iran that does not match the facts .

There is no need to hold a regular support manifestation or be vocal on social media. Keeping silent, ignoring facts, and banning critics of Iran’s cultural beliefs are as efficient as holding banners in public proclaiming long life to the ayatollahs.

Supporters of Gerontocracy

Since 2001–2005, there has been a greater number of Iranian dual nationals travelling to Iran. A thinning number is represented by the elderly refugees from the 1979 revolution; others are mostly the younger generation, born or brought up in the West, or had arrived in the West with a student’s visa and stayed after graduation.
They visit their families and instinctively keep away from reading papers or getting involved in social and political debates even in private. They are the perfect tourists sightseeing, spending money, and participating in parties in which both sexes are mixed, people are wearing fashionable and osé dresses with alcohol, listening to Western music and dancing.

For the visitor, there is little interest in knowing a bribe has been paid to keep away the Islamic moral police, or trying to analyse its implication.


Supporters of Gerontocracy: the Iranian Diaspora
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