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Omid Tahmassebpour, Santoor, MelodyThe sounds of the Iranian santoor come to us from the sunny and buoyant Thessaloniki, where music of the East and the West mingle: pure, delightful, moving.

Omid Tahmassebpour, playing santoor, was born to a family of musicians in Mazandaran. Since 2005, he has lived in Greece. The sound of the santoor takes us back to what we love in our countries and we want to share it with those we love, and … with the world.
The CD album – Melody – is inspired by Omid’s one and only daughter for whom he wrote these lines, from foreign lands, από ξένο τόπο:

I spend every moment of the waiting with my love for you,
Softly I murmur the pretty and sweet name of my Melody
My heart in love yearns only for you,
It beats for your life,
If one day you are taken away from me,
My heart will stop for ever.
My daughter! I love you.



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