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Kurdish Independence Vote

The independence poll for the Kurdish north was supported by voters but opposed by Iran, Turkey, Baghdad and the EU and the USA, which fear it will deepen instability. Every regional power, backed by the USA and EU countries has betrayed the Kurds. No one in these countries wants to know what it is like today to be an ordinary, honest, decent Kurd caught up in an ordinary, dishonest, vicious wars and ruled by a group of spiteful governments.

They expect the Kurds to fight for them, but will not support their right to nationhood. The Kurdish archives and history speaks for itself: a nation that has not permitted to exist.

A lot of so called activists and intellectuals do not recognize the national aspirations of Kurds. For them asking for independence is a crime and not a political choice. There is this preference between land and territorial integrity over humanity.


In-Pictures: High turn out for independence referendum in Kirkuk

Despite threats and warnings from the international community, Iraqi Kurds turned out in large numbers to cast their votes in an independence referendum. The UN expressed concern about the vote’s destabilizing effects.

Iran: the Kurdish Struggle
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