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In 1979, Iran became an Islamic Republic. Since then, we, Iranians, have bowed to Islamic dictatorship. In want of visions for our future, we shall prostrate ourselves to despotism for years to come…. United in civil disobedience, citizens are able to make a change. Naming jesters such as Hassan Rouhani, in elections that made a mockery of democracy will not bring change into our tyrannical system of government. In the early 20th century, the meddling of religious dogmas and clerics in political life was a fierce and open debate in many European countries, especially in France. Here is a caricature from Giris, 1904, we tailored it to the Iranian brand of Islamism. The key for changing the dictatorship of Velayat-e Faghih, theocracy and Islamic Republic is in our hand hand.

Iran Akhondsalari Estebdad

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