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Ayatollahs love to lead their guests, authorities from other countries, on the leash

Iran’s naughty Guests

There is a saying in Iran:  مهمان خر صاحب خانه است    I.e. the guest is the host’s donkey and his obedient servant. When an Iranian invites guest to his house the latter is expected to admire the comfort of the house, the beauty of furniture, the prodigy of the children… If your host believes that the earth is flat or the djinns run the world, as a guest you have to admire his knowledge and wisdom. The guest is there to flatter the host and never to object; even more so, if the guest is a foreigner and considered to be a barbarian. Since 1979, this flaw of Iranian behaviour has been boosted by the ayatollahs’ foolish propaganda. If you are a tourist or a diplomat visiting Iran, admire the mosques, butter up the wisdom of Iranian tyrants on all matters especially on the human rights issues and … shut up.

Basic rules that Mr Sikorski, the Polish foreign minister and Lady Ashton, the EU foreign policy chief, overlooked during their recent visits to Iran. When surfing on the internet, the gentleman did not like to be filtered by the censorship of Iranian “Filtering Services” and let his host Mr Zarif, know. He was censored by Iranian media but words went round and the Iranian press wasted no time in trashing all things Polish. The Lady met with some respectable opponents of the regime in an Embassy in Tehran. This was too much for the clique running the country, always up to some dirty tricks. Ayatollahs got on their high horses, instructed their chambermaids to comment or to write an open letter to Lady Ashton: “She is not to meet with criminals” [sic]. The “criminals” were those who had protested in 1999 at the University of Tehran and convicted of felony; the matter ended in an appalling bloodshed.

In that very year, M. Khatami was President. He was advised by a Hassan Rouhani. Remember the latter? He is now the President of Iran and considered a dove by those naïve enough to wear rosy glasses.

There are still some Iranians around to cheer. Perhaps someone would hear them:

  • Dziękuję, Mr Sikorski
  • Thank you, Lady Ashton
  •  ممنون و متشکریم  از شما

Here were some headlines published in Iranian papers, all links are remove from their servers.

  • Islamic values being attacked
  • Nowhere in the world, is the foreigner permitted to visit someone freely
  • The Polish forgot Iranians’ hospitality
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