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Brainwashing in Iran starts from cradle.

Brainwashing from cradle to grave

Babies, toddlers, pupils have to play their part the national spectacles directed by the ayatollahs.
The  JCPOA or the Iran Nuclear Deal is a dud unless we-Iranians decide to change our constitution and get rid of the Velayat-e Faqih.
Last week the show was Ashura, this week is the 13 Aban, the day that US Embassy in Tehran was stormed in 1979. Today Tehran is Festive since it is the day Iran slapped the Great Satan as  Khamenei,  Rouhani and co. repeat it. This is Brainwashing from cradle to grave.
Iran opens to the world… say some people in the West. Think twice, would you?

Iranian ayatollah
A master in brainwashing
Iran, Ashura, brainwashing
USA embassy, Iran, 2015
Pupils ...
Iran, Girls, US Embassy, 2015
In Iran, females are forbidden to attend sporting events in stadiums .... but when it fits the ayatollahs' mood ... they are to chant the glories of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Iran, US Embassy, 2015
As these boys grow up, they would ask questions about the society their parents have left for them. Wouldn't they?
Iranians Enslaved to the Islamists
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