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Geriatric Iran

A couple of months ago, with an effective propaganda campaign, we had to believe that Iran «opens to the world and elects reformists/moderates”. Here are some of those elected in the rigged elections of last February. The “new” Old Age Pensioners Board is known as the Assembly of Experts and is a Shiite-male only club. Would you believe that these relics run a country where 42.4 of the population is under 25 y.o. or there exists a specimen called woman?

We Iranian are amongst the most illogical people in the world: we won’t trust our mother even if we are fed from her bosom. The things that make us happy are the phenomena that we have never witnessed and we will not be able to prove: a paradise (a men’s only club) and a Mehdi (to be found in a bottomless well), a miracle once in a while. Our spirits are confused. Our judgements are harsh. Our actions are hasty. All things so familiar to these old foxes. We are rag-dolls in their hands.

Iran Assembly of Experts 2016

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