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Accepting democratic values, and preserving them, is a relentless and unfaltering hard work. As Iranians are we ready to accept them and toil for the future rather than doing what we do now that is living in the past?

Simorgh To Fly Again

Iran: the protesters are not the foreign spies and provocators as the regime pretends. The regime itself has dug its own tomb with nepotism, corruption, greed.

Waste on Display

Iran: rubbish, plastic and sewage broth end up in rivers, lacs, Caspian Sea, and Persian Gulf. Whose responsibly? Islamic sycophants in charge or the citizens?

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Chronicles from IranThe Republic Islamic of Iran promotes racism and fearmongering. The Velayat-e Faqih thrives on fear, self-censorship, and dogmatic views. Fear invites degeneration and stagnation amid violence. To survive people are taught and encouraged to conceal their nature and ideas. Concealment leads to attentisme et suivisme, whereby in a perpetual mode of wait-and-see, the Iranian citizens act as sheep to be led around by their leader. By being conformists, they hardly accept changes to their routines or consent to question them. They continue to support mindlessly the regime, regardless of how badly they have been mistreated by the leader they salute.

Betterment comes when people gain the freedom of expressing and exchanging their ideas in peace. When they say NO! to despotism in all forms, be it domestic or from the state apparatus. Democracy is built from the inside with the people, whatever their religious beliefs or culture. It is built when the freedom of expression is accepted and respected by all and when people take part actively in the process and have enough self-confidence to talk to each other as citizens.

Iran Power Politics

Iran’s Power has the two faces of Janus. The real one is oppressive. The other, the soft-power is to fill international media with flowers.

Iran Sex Football Tartuffes

Iran Sex Football Tartuffes (Extract: Chronicles from Iran, abridged and adapted) Iranians, men and women, are undoubtedly potty on football. It is difficult to beat an Iranian fan on the subject [...]

Iranian Prisoner to Religion

We would not stay prisoners to religion if we accepted that everyone has the right to choose freely their religion or philosophical convictions in peace.

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