Fig leaf Iranianess
Iranian Diaspora

A Fig Leaf: Iranianess

The diaspora is ambivalent towards the ruthless theocracy. The subterfuge is to deny reality by hiding behind a fig leaf, Iranianess, a diasporic creation.

Guilty Silences
Iranian Diaspora

Guilty Silences: Division and Isolation

There is a need to revolt against the crushing Islamic injustice, a revolution within the revolution. It never happened. Guilty Silences are crimes.

Abysmal Political Splits

Political Splits: The Abysmal Record

The abysmal record of the Diasporas reflects the political splits and poison the Iranian politics. The Political Relics feed distrust, apathy and feud.

Iran's faery exile, iranian identity
Iranian Diaspora

Faery Exile: Iranian Diasporas

In Iran, as elsewhere in the Middle-East, death is cheap. Surviving unharmed the rulers and living through a faery exile abroad is what matters most.

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