Acid attacks
Acid attacks

Acid-Attacks in Isfahan-Iran

Acid-attacks on bad hijab women in Isfahan results from Amre be ma’aroof. The self-appointed imbeciles blessed by ayatollahs threw acid on women’s faces.

Stoning inferno
Amnesty International

Stoning, Eye-for-an-eye, Lex Talionis

Iran goes into the 21c. with nuclear technology, on a large scale. But it keeps the practices of the dark ages: Stoning, eye-for-an-eye, lex talionis.

Gulwali Passarlay

Iran in The Lightless Sky

The Lightless Sky, a book recounting the courage of a young Afghan refugee, makes a valuable reading for us Iranians. Khomeini’s Omat-e Islam is poppycock.

Iranian Journalist and media shame
Amnesty International

Iran: Amnesty International Report 2016

From Iran access to the Amnesty International web site was denied. The Iranian Media highlighted human rights abuses by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Israel, USA.

Larijani Judiciary power
Judiciary power

Larijani and The Judicial Power

Sadegh Larijani had run the Iranian judicial power and affairs for the Leader, Ali Khamenei. No one is shielded from wrongful arrests in years to come.

Politics of Iran, manufacturer of poverty
All is politics

Politics of Iran: Propaganda

In the politics of Iran, blessed by the Supreme Guide, all manners of deviant interconnections & pervert interferences are permitted, hiding gross failures.

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