Proxenete, Sexism, Iran Sex Bitch

Iran Sex Bitch: Sexism

Iran Sex Bitch: He-internet users are more interested in pornographic materials and sexism. The most keyword Googled:sex/سکس. Democracy? No kidding!


Iran: Westoxification

Westoxification, for Ali-Reza Panahian, perverted thug and valet of the Islamic Republic, is a malady propagated by the enemies of Iran, Takfiris.

Rouhani in Glasgow
Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU)

Rouhani in Glasgow: A Student at GCU?

Hassan Rouhani was very keen to be called “Doktor” from the cradle.The story of Feridoun aka Hassan Rouhani in Glasgow as student. How many lies were told?

Nowruz 2014
Collective responsibility

Nowruz in Iran: No Pride No Joy

Nowruz is our pride. Islamic Despotism qualifies it as pagan, and rewrites history. Should we weep when ordered, and dance when ordered.

Italy Museum visited by Rouhani 2016


JCPOA’s sequel: In Italy, the artworks were covered so the Islamist Hassan Rouhani will not be offended.The Italian government betrayed their own artists.


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