Political Islam

Presidential Elections
Ali Khamenei (Ali djoun-the führer)

Iranian Presidential Elections What for?

Presidential Elections are paradoxical; we have a Supreme Leader, a Führer in charge of rigged elections, why have an ineffective president Hassan Rouhani?

True Muslims

True Muslims, Bogus Muslims

USA/Europe/Middle-East: war and chaos and violence: We are all responsible. Islam the religion of peace? True Muslims run by Tyrants? Who is bogus Muslim?

Gol-Mohammadi, Cartoon, Charlie Hebdo

Gol-Mohammadi and Cartoons in Iran

Cartoon and Gol-Mohammadi are mirrors of a society. They put religious superstitions under scrutiny. Islam and tyranny have been twins for many centuries.

Iran Syria
Bashar al-Assad

Syria Atrocities, JCPOA and Iran

As Iranians we are to be reminded that we are with Bashar al-Assad’s Syria, thanks to the ayatollahs that we keep in power, a collective responsibility.

Silent Muslims

Mute and Silent Muslims

Mute and Silent Muslims: Not good enough to condemn, muted, the violence of Islamists. Go on! Hold protest against the violence in the world.

Iranian Truck attack

Truck Attack of Iran in Argentina

After the horrendous Nice-France Truck attack of 14 July 2016, remembering Argentina, July 18, 1994: a truck was driven into the AMIA, a Jewish community.

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