Khamenei Waltzes with al-Assad,undermining Mohammad-Javad Zarif.
Ali Khamenei (Ali djoun-the führer)

Ali Khamenei Waltzes with Bashar al-Assad

Khamenei waltzes with al-Assad, undermining Mohammad-Javad Zarif. Are the theocracy and the IRGC, teaming with Assad to bring more miseries to Syria?

Mohammad Javad Zarif, statue, 2015
Ali Khamenei (Ali djoun-the führer)

Précieuse Zarif Complains to Daddy Khamenei

Précieuse Zarif statue made in 2015. A word from Ali Khamenei and he would fade from the public scene and this piece of flattering art knocked down.

Bisharaf Ruling
Bisharaf Ruling

Bisharaf Ruling: The Scoundrels’ Norm

Killing Soleimani reinforced the cult of martyrdom. By attacking PS752 – UIA, the Iranian bisharaf ruling showed the reptiles who protect the Leader.

Khamenei, Bisharaf, mea culpa
Bisharaf Ruling

Mea Culpa and Crocodile Tears

Bisharaf ruling, Mea Culpa, Crocodile tear: Targetting the leadership is not effective. The sycophants and reptiles need to be aimed too. When Vivas…?


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