Culture of Shiit-Persian Iran: voluntary servitude to a leader is our cultural drive. Thus, the base of tyranny is the vast networks of corrupt people with a personal interest in preserving the regime. As the ayatollahs enforced their power, the cultural interpretation of the religion has narrowed, allowing bigotry and deterioration in women’s rights due to a galloping phallocentricity. All forms of arts are proscribed, writers chased and philosophers vilified. Under the rule of Political Islam, Iranian culture is perverted; Persian culture has become a tool to violently ban diversity by persecuting minorities.
velayat-e faqih, Méditerranéennes and Us

Méditerranéennes and Us

Méditerranéennes and our Velayat-e faqih: Islamic sects bear democracy as long as it gives them a stirrup to power. Then they change the rules to stay in power for eternity.

بی غیرتی در ایران Censorship Propaganda apathy

Apathy, Slogans and Iranians

Yesterday, 11 Feb. 2014, was a day of apathy among Iranians. 35 years ago it was all turmoil and chaos, the world media covered the events minute by minute.

Homosexualité et Proscription

Homosexualité et Proscription

Le bleu est une couleur chaude: La BD traduite par l’Iranienne Sepideh Jodeyri ne passe pas chez les ayatollahs. Homosexualité et Proscription vont de pair.

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