Iran's faery exile, iranian identity
Iranian Diaspora

Faery Exile: Iranian Diasporas

In Iran, as elsewhere in the Middle-East, death is cheap. Surviving unharmed the rulers and living through a faery exile abroad is what matters most.

Diasporas,sceptical, suspicious and wary moods
Iranian Diaspora

The Toxic Patchwork of The Diasporas

There are no bonds between the diasporas and the internal groups to shatter the shroud of the regime. The diasporas sceptical moods are toxic.

Economy of Resistance, migration

Economy of Resistance and Emigration

Economy of Resistance: the foundations of a healthy economy is impossible when the data are flawed, opaque, and camouflaged. Desperation leads to migration.

Martyrdom: The Faked Identity
Amre be ma'aroof

Martyrdom: The Faked Identity

Martyrdom is the faked Identity to replace positive national identity. The illusion of protecting Iran with the martyrs’ spirit replaces social realities.

1 February 1979: Khomeini, a political refugee, returned to Iran. Since, thousands of Iranians have fled every year following the creation of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Damned Islamic Republic

The Making of the Diasporas

Since the creation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, 1979, Iranian diasporas are steadily growing. We have yet to measure the seriousness of this problem.


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