Iranian elections for the Bad or the Worse, انتخابات تقلبی

Elections for the Bad or the Worse

Iran rigged elections for the Bad or the Worse. When it’s a question of choosing between bad and worse, what should one do? Refrain from voting.

Khamenei and Army

Power Politics in Iran

Power politics in Iran has the two faces of Janus. The real one is oppressive. The other, the soft-power is to fill international media with flowers.

Velayat-e faqih economy
Ali Khamenei (Ali djoun-the führer)

Corrupt Regime and Tyrannical Economy

Tyrannical economy is a wonderful thing in Iran, especially for the corrupt Iranian regime.JCPOA pours money on the Khamenei’s clan.


The Enemies of Khamenei: Protesters

Enemies of Khamenei: Islamic Revolution was built on the idea that ordinary people could face the mighty and win. Now, Protesters are enemies of Khamenei.


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