Reject the diabolic Islamist Ayatollahs of Iran

Censorship in Iran: Shut up! is one of the pillars of Political Islam. Beyond fear, self-censorship feeds corruption, hypocrisy, and violence. Hitherto, the Islamic Republic has consistently been one of the world’s worst perpetrators of crimes against journalists and information activists for the past four decades.

Enslaved Iranians in 2023

A Salute to Slain Teachers

My Iranian teacher was a good man. The hangmen of the Islamic Revolution executed him as a criminal communist. A Salute to Slain Teachers.

Arbaeen, 2018, Iran

Arba’een: The 20 million Propaganda

Arba’een is the canival of political tourism organised by the ayatollahs in Iran and Iraq. Pilgrims to Karbala are the figurants of 20 million propaganda.

Ashura and The Iranian Necrolatry

Ashura and The Iranian Necrolatry

Ashura and necrolatry are among the pillars of Iran’s Shiite and have no limits in male-chauvinism. Our domestic figures, follow the same path, narrower.

Soroush Emojis Internet Halall

Soroush Emojis of the Woe

Soroush emojis and Internet halal every communication will be spied on by IRGC and bassijis, the emojis are the theocracy’s slogans veiled women.