Censorship in Iran: Shut up! is one of the pillars of Political Islam. Beyond fear, self-censorship feeds corruption, hypocrisy, and violence. Hitherto, the Islamic Republic has consistently been one of the world’s worst perpetrators of crimes against journalists and information activists for the past four decades.

Iran Celebrating Fadjr 2014

Iran Celebrating Fadjr 2014

Iran Celebrating Fadjr 2014, the Islamic Revolution and the Necrolatry: In Iran, the elder generation has shut up. It has failed its children.

بی غیرتی در ایران Censorship Propaganda apathy

Apathy, Slogans and Iranians

Yesterday, 11 Feb. 2014, was a day of apathy among Iranians. 35 years ago it was all turmoil and chaos, the world media covered the events minute by minute.

Ashura, male-chauvinism,نرسالاری عاشورا
Amre be ma'aroof

Teachings of Ashura and Male-Chauvinism

Whatever the teachings of Ashura, it has been wasted on us. A gang of certified despots rule Iran. We have no courage to stand up to male-chauvinism.

All is politics

Brainwashing in Iran Backfires

The “pious Islamic society” is reactionary, authoritarian, nationalistic. It traps the population and the despots alike, but brainwashing in Iran backfires.

Funeral Diplomacy
Funeral Diplomacy

Funeral Diplomacy of Iran

Funeral Diplomacy: Hassan Rouhani, the Star-President of the theocracy, cut short his NY visit to attend funerals in a show of Saudi-bashing.

Dual-national, bargaining-chips

Dual-Nationals: The Bargaining-Chips

Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe and her baby are the latest in a long list of ayatollahs’ hostages. Dual-national are their international bargaining-chips.


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