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Iran as a Political Commodity?

The following article was published in Global Voices written by Hamid Yazdan Panah :

The New Orientalism: Iran as a Political Commodity

The article rises some so much needed questions on what we read in the West, and what are left unsaid about Iran. The why’s and long term effects can be discussed at length. We are in want of answers for them, the orientalism being discussed is one of them.

The veneer of liberal enlightenment worn those who hope to “uncover” Iran is in many ways more disturbing than the outright racist discourses seen in the past.


What is troubling for myself and other Iranians is what we aren’t seeing in these articles and pictures. This includes the voices and perspectives of Iranians living inside the country. I don’t mean sound bites about their love or hatred for America, or about their hijabs and subversive clothing styles. But rather articles with actual depth and coherent representation. Or just facts, for starters.

Following the author, we also insist on one fundamental point: bring in facts. And when writing about Iran, see what is the picture of the country and not a cropped area from Tehran.

Earlier this year, Iran tried to attract tourists by “Travel and Leisure campaigns” in the Western media because they need the money the visitors spend. All in Iran was flowers, beautiful scenery, kindness and good food.
Further, in the general mood of “feel good about Iran”, heads were buried in the sand and the questions that matter on the theocratic shroud covering the country were dismissed: “What? Human rights? Don’t be tiresome. We may have a billion dollar deal with Iran.”

Let us all dig deep and broaden our views. Earth is not flat, and the sun does not travels around the earth. Iran is not a political commodity. Like any other country in the world, the country is a social, cultural, and economical complex beyond the trends, cliché, and the brouhaha of the mainstream and the social media.

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