JCPOA Inshalah Nuclear Deal

Nuclear dictatorship, JCPOA, Nuclear deal
When it comes to money, everybody is of the same religion. With the Nuclear deal, JCPOA, the West forgets Iran is a Dictatorship run by a Supreme Leader.

JCPOA, the Iranian Nuclear Deal: a surrealistic Inshalah deal  [Max Ernst, The Triumph Of Surrealism]

When it comes to money, everybody is of the same religion (Voltaire?).

Tehran is the “Salon à la mode” for the European leaders and VIPs. After the European financial calamities and ensuing economical blows, there is a need to find a new market for the EU’s economic growth. So the human rights considerations are down the drain, the weaknesses of the inshalah deal brushed aside. They all will be forgotten soon.

Hassan Rouhani, aka Hassan Fereidoun, is the Iranian Gorbachev, a first step to some sanctification by the western politicians and media, even if some 694 were executed since January 2015 and the number is progressing.

The Iranian media are instructed by the Velayat-e faqih to see the rosy sides of the Inshalah deal, which is its only concession to the West. Even, Vali faqih himself, Ali Khameini, is holding back his thoughts and tongue.

John Kerry is sweating in Washington, defending the Republic Islamic and its “promises”. In Iraq, we were made to believe there were WMD all over the place. Iraq is a total disaster but, of course, the USA think themselves as victors, expecting world’ congratulations . In Syria, the chemical weapons that no one knew of their existence, when they come to the light, were to be controlled and destroyed by international efforts. Did it happen? We got ISIS-Daesh in the bargain.

In no time, those Iranians in the West OPPOSING the Ayatollahs will be on the terrorist lists and under the double surveillance of the Iranian AND Western agents and security services.

Mosquito should not distress the honeymoon of the European leaders and the ayatollahs.
This is history repeating its-self. Read the documents on the early 1970’s and the Shah regime. We know how it ended then.

Now … different situation, similar results?

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