Chronicles from Iran - Ebook

Beyond Self-Serving Rhetoric ...

But beyond the economic sanctions and self-serving political rhetoric, what is everyday life like for its people – those most affected by both sanctions and the oppressive regime?

Chronicles from Iran- Cover_2019It is a sad indictment against one of the world’s oldest civilisations that the voices of ordinary Iranians are suffocated under an iron blanket of censorship, particularly those of women. Written by a woman who lived for many years in the country, Chronicles from Iran provides an opportunity to finally hear the voice of an ordinary Iranian woman.

It is also fascinating to see the contrast in cultures and read first-hand accounts of how Iranians view outsiders, particularly those in the West.
The Chronicles from Iran cover design is taken from the actual internet filter image used by Iranian censors. This symbolises what the author and those seeking choice and democratic change in Iran are forced to do; fighting in cyberspace because of the inherent dangers in publicly questioning the fear-based system known as Political Islam.

With deference to the rich literary history of her country, the author has sprinkled a handful of riddles within the text – a common tool in Persian literature for millennia. These not only set a challenging puzzle for readers but also further illustrate the secret ways that those wanting change in Iran are forced to communicate. Will you be able to solve the riddles and find the hidden truths?

Chronicles from Iran is an absorbing and searingly honest account that pulls no punches in describing the country’s Islamic despotism – and the reasons why its people have failed to do anything about it.
Having lived and worked in both Iran and Europe, the author offers an objective perspective on the problems in the country, while also criticising the roles Western governments have played in enabling the current repressive system.

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