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Spring 1399: Sad Times in Iran

Spring 1399, coronavirus, covide-19
Blessed by the ayatollahs, the coronavirus, covid-19, was allowed to spread more misery, death. Let the year 1399 be the forerunner of a new bright century.

Our gratitude is for the thousands of health workers and the low-paid workers in Iran and elsewhere. They seal together our societies, today and tomorrow.
Let us hold our leaders to account.

We have had a terrible year in Iran: floods, earthquakes, social unrest, the humiliation of downing an aircraft, killing 176 innocents.
Then, blessed by the ayatollahs, the coronavirus, covid-19, was allowed to spread more misery and death.
However, we could have overcome these plights with less harm for everyone of us if we had worked together, thoughtfully and resolved.
If we had have:

  • buried the cursed Velayat-e Faqih
  • sent Ali Khamenei to Evin prison for the rest of his life;
  • jailed the Islamist geriatrics to the next door cells;
  • given mops to Hassan Rouhani and his pathetic ministers to clean their dirts till eternity, as they do it today.

The world is in disruption. We should aspire to and work toward solidarity. We do need information, transparency, not the present religious dung, superstition and bigotry.
Our miseries stem from the rapacious men, producers of Conspiracy Theories and Enemies. They are certainly not friend makers or they enjoy watching a hyacinth growing into a beautifully scented flower.

Floods, earthquakes, covid-19 could have carried less damage if we had competent men and women running the country. As long as we let the most bunch of cretins and liars that have ever gathered together to lead us, we cannot be a great a nation as we pretend to be. No nation can.

It is over forty years that we try to survive with ایرانی بازی Irani-bazi, solving no issue, either by pretending they do not exist or wrapping them in more lies of our own creation, Ta’arofs.

Today, we are all impacted by covid-19 and our life has changed dramatically. We must stay together at home, supporting other people in our neighbourhood.
Once all is over, energized, we could mobilize millions of people around the nation.
This has been the message of Nowruz, a New Day, from time immemorial.

We should be growing up, tolerant and united in 1399, just in time for 1400.
Let the year 1399 be the forerunner of a new bright century. And the spring of 2020 be an awakening season, a new dawn, Nowruz, for all, everywhere.

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