DÉGAGE: Get out! Message to our Führer

Iran phallocratie, Dégage , Velayat-e Faqih, خامنه ای (علی جون-آقا), گمشو
A Message to our Führer, Ali Khamenei, and his gang: Get out – گمشو – Dégage.Only the power of a united population builds a country and makes it prosper.

Message to the Führer, the Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei:


In years to come all citizens should engage

in politics with dignity and respect, actively refusing despotism, enjoying every aspect of life, and bravely building a bright future for  their children.

In years to come, this man should hear us:


A little quiz:

next time you meet up with your Iranian friends, ask them to translate the sentences on the picture for you. Push for clear answers without beating about the bush.

In Iran, as long as there are a quite a few thousands of people chanting them, journalists making headlines of them, academics bowing to them, profiteers repeating them and the silent majority resigned to them, Iran would stagnate in its theocracy, crass and tyrannical.

Update, Feb 9, 2019:

Dégage, a dream that will not come true soon:

Now that Iran is going to celebrate its 40 years of Velayat-e faqih, our Führer, Khamenei is still running the country, bolder than ever. What follows has been repeated every year, since 1979. However, in 1979 they were eight people out of ten that could afford to buy a chicken for dinner. In 2019, 2 people can afford the chicken, while eight others can think about its bones.

Read this from mehrnews. Do you really see a change of mood ? Do you really believe him to clear out – Dégage?


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