Reject the diabolic Islamist Ayatollahs of Iran

Political Islam: The Iranian Infamy

Political Islam is the Iranian infamy. We must act and Yell: Fuck off/ گم شو to Ali Khamenei till is achieved. The road ahead is long and meandering.

Political Islam: The Iranian Infamy

The Tipping Point: 2023

In 1979, the conqueror of the revolution against social injustice and monarchical dictatorship was a decadent theocracy of political Islam. At the time, there were only a handful of Iranians willing or capable of considering the extent of its absolute tyranny, hatred and abomination of political Islam. Political Islam is the the Iranian infamy.

A combination of state and domestic despotism had for centuries prepared the rich ground in which backward political Islam has prospered. Over the past forty years, fear and bigotry have paralysed people’s minds and led them to deny reality, to look back nostalgically, and to act apathetically.

No healthy and vibrant relationship between the lives of public and private households, a necessity for social change, would emerge. On the contrary, a generation of the Janus face of citizen was born and has embraced religious hypocrisy and brutality. A chemical combination that was to explode one day or another.

The lasses of the 2022, outraged by the unjust killing of Mahsa Amini’s at the hands of Morality Patrol, have expressed publicly their anger since mid-September. The lads, encouraged by the female members of the family, friends, and also animated by their own social frustrations, though hardly recognised and owed, joined the movement.

For the younger generation, private dreams and apathy are no longer the means to survive in the harsh environment of the Islamic Republic. For them, the subsequent rigged elections, oppression and censorship have broken the comforting delusion of changes in the ideology of political Islam.

They want more. We can’t let them down.

They want to manage their own lives and decide for themselves. It is not just a social movement written within the continuity of the development of social minds. It is a break from domestic despotism that has supported political authoritarianism for many more decades than the last four.

This is an important call to emerge from backward social structures with three meaningful words: Woman, Life, Freedom.

Women vs Political Islam

In political Islam, phallocracy and gynophobia are the norms of public life in countries wielding Sharia as the rule of law. For an Islamist, Shiite or Sunnite, women must shut their mouth and wear whatever a reactionary backward old fart of ayatollah, mufti or self-pointed preacher tells them to do and to think.

ISIS, the Taliban, the mullahs, the so-called jihadists or followers caliphate are political Islamist and extremists for whom women serve men best as slaves rather than as partners in life.

Over the past four decades of Iranian history, women have not been impressed by the regime’s dictate. More and more schooled and professionally trained, in the intimacy of their homes, they increased their decision-making power despite the huff and puff of their men. In public, they become more coquettish and stylised. And when the logic of a positive argument with their men would not win the day, they adapted to their moods in an apparent “modesty” and tricked them to get the desired result.

In most cases, gender warfare has taken place in silence within the walls of the homes. The battles have not aimed only to cut the edges of domestic despotism. But they have also fractured the pressure of the public phallocentric system.

2022 Protests: Domestic Despotism
For those that have at home a morality patrol [Gashte-Ershad] known as “father”.

Every episode of defeat had made women far more powerful. Iranian women have not only struggled for their rights, but also for those of their children, male and female. Whenever a problem touches a community at its core, women lead the way to find a solution.

Brave and courageous women defying the absurd rules of sharia were everywhere, in every enterprise, in every social class, regardless of ethnic or religious aspects. But, fear held them back.

Evil being what it is, fighting back women’s legitimate and human demands has been the devils’ first priority. Even though it means molesting children and killing them.

The death of Mahsa Amini swept away the fear of women. Since September 16, 2022, Iran has been shaken by demonstrations and brutal repression on a daily basis. For the first time in four decades, Iranians abroad have found reason to unite by echoing the national voices: Woman, Life, Freedom.

Shiite Hierarchy:
Backward, Pervert and Destructive

The devils serving the Iranian theocracy, guided by one supreme leader, know just one path to keep their power and wealth whilst enjoying total impunity: repression in blood and tears.

If the protests do not abate, after having hanged several, maimed an increasing number and imprisoned dozens of people, the regime will not hesitate to commit mass massacres. At present, scores of schoolgirls and she-students are being poisoned by bands of regime minions. Repressive poisoning on an industrial scale.

By leading the country with political Islam as an ideology, evil in theocracy is far stronger than its good. The Iranians let the devils expand and conquer. Demons removed their tail and horns taking up human aspects in gown and turban.

This did not happen overnight, nor was it hidden under a thick veil. This was done openly and in plain sight.

People were told lies, and they bought them. Hypocrisy was a substitute for honesty and perversion. There has been more corruption, suspicion and fear. Man has exploited man beneath his social standing. Both men agreed to exploit women.

The generations who have raised today’s boys and girls have adapted to the regime’s whims. They sought peace, social distinction, respect or fear of others. They pretended religiosity and observed piety in public. The intimacy of the homes concealed their break with inhuman religious practices imposed in society.

At feigned piety, even children of devils in the gown and turban could not adhere. In the West, the Akhonzadeh, children of clerics, enjoyed liberty and practised libertinage. Since February 1979, leading a double life has become the norm for everyone.

For the boys and girls of 2023, to be relentless followers and listeners of pernicious Islamic dogmatism in silence, as their parents still do, is to yield to slavery. They want nothing to do with it.

Yell fuck off

Today, many Iranians are demanding nothing less than regime change: getting rid of the dictatorship, instituting democracy.

How? Democracy is a broad and generous, but nebulous notion.

How should we achieve a social democracy? With open dialogues and a frenzy of work; a long way to go.

The process of the current request to radically change the regime cannot be stopped. The fire will burn beneath the embers until a dramatic shift occurs in Iran. As usual, the regime has demonstrated falsehoods and empty promises.

Political Islam: Khamenei, Girls, propaganda
Little Red Riding Hood: What a big mouth you have.
The better to eat you with! responds the wolf.

The staging of the Supreme Guide with young schoolgirls was an out-most ludicrous sight. The meagre festivities on February 11, 1401 (this year in the Iranian calendar), to celebrate the Islamic Revolution gave the protester an opportunity to tell the Islamists to fuck off! Gom Show! Dégage.

But the regime is heavy-handed and well-organized in repression. The fanatics of the Iranian regime are no imbeciles. The system has had many decades to weave and four decades to perfect a network of well-anchored institutions. These should be blown away from existence; but, it is going to happen only with fierce battles.

We must keep in mind that Islamists demons in Tehran are:

  • Narcissists and megalomaniacs, they consider themselves superior to all other international actors and must be admired by all.
  • Paranoid conspiracy theorists, they believe that they are conspired against, spied on, or otherwise victimised, and that this is the explanation of their failures.
  • Machiavellians, they pursue their dogmatism and goals coldly and ruthlessly, placing the end above the means.
  • Psychopaths, they have no fear at all of the consequences of their barbaric acts and have no compassion for any community, let alone the Iranians.
  • Establishing a long tradition of encouraging children to denounce their own parents since 1979, the Islamists have brought up generations of snitches. A common taboo in many cultures: no one likes or wants to be the object of a snitch, storytelling, chatting, gossip, informant or sneaky. But the devils bless those people and officially reward them. This is about institutionalizing the adage: Amre be ma’arouf / Nahi az monker – امر به معروف و نهى از منکر.

The felons going by as Friday preachers sublimated the idea: Enjoining good and forbidding evil is a factor in the victory of the Islamic revolution. The regime has put contact links on many websites to encourage people to spit on unbelievers that they see violating Islamic values or challenging its ideology.

What a charmless, alienating idea. There is nothing more likely to foster grievances and division in communities. Snakes and snitches in our midst are the last thing we need now. It has devolved more power to Islamists who tell us what to do, think and feel. Thus, force honest people to silence and collusion. Dividing to conquer is a policy that we should never have agreed to. We should not be afraid or suspect groundlessly our neighbours. Nor should we be urged and encouraged to do so by demons in gown and turban.

For the ayatollahs to fuck off, all the while hoping for a structured something to materialise, will not do. Only an agile movement with the understanding upon tactical details can face the brutes in Tehran.

Time to Act

In future confrontations, lessons should be learned quickly and strategies tailored accordingly. More importantly, it must be a movement with a credible leadership and a clear vision that is known and accepted by the Iranian people primarily in Iran. The tipping point is 2023. That is now.

Domestic support could only be organized and galvanized if there is such a credible, politically strong and proactive group of protestors.

For the time being, there is a strong connection between the internal voices unleashed and a mobilised but dispersed diaspora that echoes them. And the world outside Iranian circles has a great admiration for the protestors and joins its own voices.

There is the striking unity of a broad coalition of political, artistic and social lines. Fully aware of the high cost of the protests and the barbarity with which the Islamic Republic violates human rights, well-respected personalities call for Global Solidarity.

However, facing the Islamists is not a trivial matter that can be resolved by advocates of justice, baffled by the barbaric acts of slanderers and slasher of justice.

Aware of a stumbling power, the theocracy elite wants to keep it at all costs and is not at all concerned with the vision of the outside world. For them, such protests are words that fly, not actions that bite their pride and thick armour. They depend on a three-legged stool for stability.

Political Islam: Khamenei, Putin, Raisi
Now the sun’s gone to hell.
And the moon riding high,
Let me bid you farewell
Every man has to die

[Dire Straits – Brothers In Arms]
  1. The alliance with Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin strengthens their international presence and facilitate commercial, financial and arms exchanges. In good company, playing provocative war games comforts the ego of the despots. Using Chinese and Russian digital experiments and spyware to further stifle the people of Iran is a bonus.
  2. The current process of uranium enrichment and nuclear development is scary for some countries, especially in Europe. The regime uses its nuclear card against human rights violations. If possible, the West will certainly conclude a nuclear energy agreement with the ayatollahs instead of offending them with human rights issues. The West has failed in a catastrophic way to see the Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. Don’t expect them to do better when it comes to Iran.
  3. The Supreme Guide, Ali Khamenei is heading a Mafioso gang controlling a large herd of crooked professionals. The monkey trials and the obscene behaviour of the judiciary and the policing in the country cannot be enough to show their determination in evil acts. It is absolutely necessary to detain more people with dual nationality for ransom.

Overseas, many assassinations, kidnappings and campaign of intimidation will show the world who the masters are.

To attract effective and forceful international support, any coalition among diaspora figures must have the backbone and intelligence to address all issues at once. They should speak with determination, not exalt democratic values in vague terms. For now, the opposition personalities are still making awkward and restrained Ta’arofs toward each other. At first glance, all is nice and promising.

But what are the pragmatic ways of dealing with Islamists in the country on all issues, not only based on the violation of human rights at home?

Inshallah’s and everything gonna be alright are stark naught. We heard them in 1979. And things went poorly.

Today, we need creative and enterprising leaders with a vision for the future. The old characters and slogans of 1979 are not enough. If they were good enough, the Islamists in Tehran would not have governed for 44 years.

Pressure is mounting for the emergence of pro-active political layers and groups of people within the Iranian people. The few faint statements, emotionally charged with outrage at the brutal repression are the first steps. The road ahead is long and meandering.

Substance and vigour can come when the generations that gave birth to today’s courageous boys and girls join the movement unreservedly. For now, they are ineffective and paralysed even if confidence in the theocratic government has long passed.

How about a general appeal for all women to do nothing at home or at work? Women should sit on their hands, let the men look after the home and the office. If half the population goes on strike, abstaining from sex, child education, housekeeping or serving teas and sorting out the mess created by the colleagues, the other half would be in misery in less than a week, from the Bassiji to the Supreme Leader.

And old idea that has paid off.

Act and Yell: Fuck off/ Gom Show till is achieved.

Close this search box.

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